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  1. Ed31
    Ed31 ChrisDS
    Apologies for spelling ! Bloody phone !! Hopefully you got the required info. They are mint and only have a couple of thousand miles on from new.
  2. Ed31
    Ed31 ChrisDS
    Hi Chris, I'm putting my sp back to standard, it has forks reworked by k teck, has ohlins top caps and valving, the tubes have been anodized to mimic and ohlins and the stanchions have been titanium nitrided in gold. They will cut standard yokes/brakes etc. I can send you a picture if you are interested.
  3. graham Long
    graham Long Rob
    How do I post an issue that I have with my bike? I can not find anything here?
  4. lordbigsack
    lordbigsack Conquest Carbon
    HI, new to the forum and hadnt seen the CC discount page before. I saw you're offer was valid until the end April but wondered if you could make an exception for a Hypermotard carbon hugger. fingers. crossed, Scott
  5. Steve Wright
    Steve Wright Dano

    Yes there are two for each side of the tank.

    These came off my 959 so will fit all panigales.
  6. AirCon
    AirCon Exige
    Wow... that s some shed!
    1. Exige
      May 21, 2017 at 7:03 PM
  7. Craig forster
    Craig forster
    Hi guys does anyone know if the panniers on a 950 multistrada are the same size as the 1200s and any useful places to buy liners? cheers
  8. Simon Foster
    Simon Foster
    0ne week until I'm back home and on the Multi !
  9. JH_1986
    Gone to the Orange side
  10. Craig forster
    Craig forster
    Can anyone recommend a decent top box for my multistrada 950 other than very expensive Ducati
  11. Mike Green
    Mike Green
    Saved up a long time for this and it is just sooooo nice !
  12. Mike Green
    Mike Green
    Lifetime ambition achieved
  13. Scoobz
    Scoobz asif_15
    Hi mate, how much are you looking for the scrambler ?

  14. sizor
    sizor Exige
    Hi Exige, I'd like to purchase a Multistrada 1000 battery cable upgrade kit.
  15. HairyWolfhound
    HairyWolfhound Exige
    Hello Exige, I'm looking to buy cam belts for my 1998, 750 Monster, engine number 748A2C014364. Could you help?
    Thanks, Neil.
    1. Exige
      PM sent :-)
      May 12, 2017
  16. basketcase
    M1200 arriving soon!
  17. Smithy
    Smithy Nickmts12
    Evening - do you know if the Nav holder will fit on a 2016 Multistrada DVT ?

    if so i will take it if its still available.

  18. s4rmark
    s4rmark Conquest Carbon
    Hi, are you giving a discount for evotech parts ?

  19. bradders
    bradders magpie21
    Hi Mikes number is +44 7931 537532
  20. JJ1299
    JJ1299 stephenanderson
    Hi I'm just about to go touring on my 1299. I've got Kriega luggage but really unhappy about how it's fitting to my bike. I see you may have used Blaze panniers on a 1299. Do they fit ok as on the website they dont seem to be recommended for a 1299. Going on Sunday so starting to panic now. Thanks JJ