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  1. Reaper
    Reaper Conquest Carbon
    Hi Steve, thanks for your emails, look forward to purchasing from you soon, Multistrada parts, looking forward to receiving your codes
  2. Mark Fraser
    Mark Fraser fatbob99
    Hey fatbob have just picked up 2017 multi on Saturday and after round trip of 200 odd miles realise the standard screen doesn't work for me, do you still have the puig screen available?
  3. I'm closing in
    I'm closing in leigh
    Ayup fella, I trawled new prices and can see one at a bit over £600 I think that's the problem as everyone will be searching I guess,think £300 would be my max, I sent this private not to influence your sale, don't take offence

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    2. I'm closing in
      I'm closing in
      See how work goes, I was at the BBQ in spondon last night near you, I'd say £300 collected is as far as I'd go.

      Any more pictures?

      Jun 18, 2017 at 3:55 PM
    3. leigh
      Dont think i would let it go for £300 Carl, its too nice.
      Jun 18, 2017 at 4:05 PM
    4. I'm closing in
      I'm closing in
      It is nice Leigh hopefully you can get more
      Jun 18, 2017 at 4:16 PM
  4. Hector Horacio Velazquez
    Hector Horacio Velazquez Nickhi1299
    Do you have the exhaust available??
  5. brettski
    brettski nokicky
    Do you still have a low seat for a 796 ?
  6. Kenneth Mitchell
    Kenneth Mitchell pegboy
    Hi, I am a brand new member of the DucatiForum. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne. I read that you had a pdf manual for the maintenance of a Ducati 749S. The other links failed to work and I cannot locate one. I would be much indebted if you could help me out. Maybe I can help in return some day. Thanks in advance, Kenny.
  7. mjgt
    mjgt basketcase
    How are you getting on with your 1200? I am seriously considering one.
    1. basketcase
      It's awesome, plenty of grunt and handling is perfect. I melted my trousers on the exhaust though so have to keep right leg further away when putting that foot down. I've done 1600 miles on it now and loved every one. The seat is comfortable, I got the rear suspension softened when it went in for the 600 mile service.
      Jun 16, 2017
  8. bootsam
    Hey, Ive got a profile. Whats it for? Is it to tell people how fucking fantastic I am? Coz I am pretty sure that's universally recognised.
  9. Esbee
    Regularly praying to the SunGods ☀️☀️
  10. ripface
    ripface Exige
    .... ok, just saw your next post. Thanks!
  11. ripface
    ripface Exige
    Hi Exige, thanks for posting on my thread, can you supply the Ducati 996 quick fit tank connectors? If so how much inc P&P? Thanks, Ripface
  12. Rixy
    Toured out. On route back from Croatia after 12 days on the road.
  13. Ed31
    Ed31 ChrisDS
    Hi Chris, apologies, I didn't get any notifications that you had replied ! I will send a picture when I work out how. As far as I can see they look perfect. I have standard forks to replace them. They are currently still on the bike, i was thinking £550 for them. I also have a carbon airbox to remove/sell. I've already removed the gold 5 spoke marchesinis which i might keep for my bp.
  14. Loverobot
    Loverobot Conquest Carbon
    Is there a current discount code? After some carbon and evotech parts for a xdiavel thanks
  15. Sprocker
    Found it and sorted Jim :)
  16. JimVee
    JimVee Sprocker
    Wondering what you disagree with on my post re the sticker on the satnav mount post mate?
    1. Sprocker
      Have I ? Sorry Jim it was obviously a mistake. I do it often as I scroll up and down the pages but I normally spot that I've inadvertently hit one of the emojis. I'll try and find it and take it off :)
      May 30, 2017
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    2. JimVee
      Lol. no worries mate. Thought I had upset you
      May 30, 2017
  17. Esbee
    Esbee Steveo
    Evening Steve. How are you fella. Hope you got out on the bike thistle weekend. Weather has been mega. I had a run out in Moray and Soeyside with the 998 on Friday .... 26degrees of heat! Wow. How did you get on at Glasgow with your 1299S service??
  18. PhilipMck
    M900, 748s, Multistrada 950
  19. ChrisDS
    ChrisDS Ed31
    Hi Ed. Thanks for letting me know about your 916 forks. Can you send pictures please, especially of any marks on them? Also how much you want for them. Do you need standard forks to replace them? Cheers, Chris.
  20. Hatrick
    Retired Plant Manager at Calor Gas.