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  1. Craig Lynn
    Craig Lynn Packman
    Can somebody tell me how many miles i should get with a full tank of gas on a motard..its 4.2gal tank the light goes on at far can i go after the light goes on
  2. Coman
    Coman GordonH
    I knew a Gordon Hunter in the oil business. He had a Ducati. Drilling Superintendent for CNR. Is that you?
    1. GordonH
      Hi Coman, No, not me.
      Nov 20, 2017 at 9:24 PM
  3. Chemist
    Chemist Pavey
    Hi Nick
    Re the STRS motor
    I spoke to you a while ago
    Could you send me a contact number and a convenient time to call pls
  4. goby1199
    goby1199 Foyi#75
    still available?
  5. comfysofa
    no idea but id hazzard a guess at 90 - 100 miles....if youre gassing it...
  6. Craig Lynn
    Craig Lynn comfysofa
    Anybody know how many miles i can go once the light goes on my 2018 hyper 939
  7. Rick B
    Rick B rob lewis
    Hi Rob,,, This IPA,,diluted,, is it ok for cleaning/degreasing all paintwork or should I be a bit wary around some forms inc carbon?

    1. rob lewis
      rob lewis
      Hi Rick....the diluted IPA is perfect for decontaminating all paintwork inc carbon to remove all oils, fillers etc from your clearcoat before application of a wax or sealant or ceramic is NOT a 'general' degreaser......if you are after a general degreaser for cleaning engine components, wheels etc then Bilt Hamber Surfex HD is hard to beat.....again this can diluted to suit.
      Nov 15, 2017
    2. Rick B
      Rick B
      Thanks again Rob ,, I got some BH Surfex yesterday with some BH wheel cleaner from Ultimate finish ,And I can get the IPA from work ,Cheers
      Nov 15, 2017
  8. JT749
    JT749 Exige
    Hi Exige, I have been having trouble starting my 749 with intermittent flat battery symptoms, one of the forum members said that you do a set of leads that will transform the starting? What would be the cost of these please? My bike is an 04 plate, thanks, JT.
    1. Exige
      Sent you a PM with the details.
      Nov 14, 2017
  9. Birdie
    Birdie Carr01
    Well done , you've made it onto the Notable Members page.
    1. Carr01
      Bloody hell! Must be all those likes I send wrought iron Ron!
      Thanks for heads up Steve.
      Nov 13, 2017
  10. Hatrick
    Hatrick Pistonbroke
    Hi, you could also try - Ducabike and Conquestcarbon. Let me know what you order. Cheers
  11. andyb
    andyb North996
    Hi have you still got the race loom?
  12. sb748
    sb748 Paul55
    Hi Paul, my email address is cell is 774.239.6998
  13. Dale
    Iv got ducati multistrada 1200 hade de cat pipe put on its too loud so what’s the best can to get noise level down 2012 year
  14. Dale
  15. mutweb
  16. Bonesy
    Expensive visit to Ducati today
  17. Matthew donovan
    Matthew donovan
    Looking for a 1199 /1299
  18. ManxKarl
    748R and Scrambler owner
  19. farmster
    farmster Propergraft!
    Where do you live Alex ?
  20. Clara Bow