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Album: 888 Strada restoration status - fully complete and photo history

you can follow my progress on www.ducati888.co.uk

888 Strada restoration status - fully complete and photo history

Updated Jan 9, 2020
Arrival Day  
Arrival Day 2  
Arrival Day 3  
Nice Plate!!  
On your Marks  
Get Ready  
Engine is back from full rebuild  
Kept the small cover bare metal, to provide a little history  
Front says it all!  
Before the engine reciting a rebuild started  
looking a bit tired  
888 Throttle Bodies in needs of some TLC  
Internally fine  
Must be a few grams of extra weight  
Brought back to bare metal  
Still a bit more work to do, but a lot better now  
Ready for the plating  
Parts plated and yellow passivated  
Finished item  
Top down  
Nice shine  
Frame mounted  
Swing arm  
ABBA stand  
Loading Photos......
Loading Photos......
you can follow my progress on www.ducati888.co.uk
  1. Geoffrey Lebowski likes this.
  2. WickedWojj
    Damn! Good to see a rebuild project going through the various stages.
    Bridgland likes this.
  3. Bridgland
    Thank you.
  4. Francis
    This thread makes me realize that I need to change my interpretation of rebuild. Everything looks brand new as opposed to good enough clean and running perfectly or very close to. Even though I don't like these older models I'm glad someone does, it's inspiring to see someone caring for these bikes so much.
    Cheers mate!
    Bridgland likes this.
  5. Bridgland
    Being old enough to have been able to have one when it was new, but funds didn't allow, meant I had to wait. The prices for these are pretty stable and the SP versions are going up in price, so I see this as both a long term investment and a piece of sentimental art to stare at for years to come.
    Francis likes this.


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