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Album: My First Duke.......998

Living the Dream

My First Duke.......998

Updated May 27, 2022
998 Biposto Std  
My other boy  
A bit of OEM  
Carbon bling  
A bit of fettling  
Couldn't resist...  
With a cup of tea in hand...  
Necessary Bling  
SPS Mono  
Engine scrub up  
Fitted some more carbon  
Rad guards fitted...make the rads look a lot newer I think  
Clutch cover happiness  
Waterproof Boot replacement  
New Direction on Exhaust  
Taking apart as I’ve got a lot of time to do it at present...  
Nearly done...  
Keeping busy during lockdown  
Self isolation cleaning  
Upgraded monoseat stickers  
Rad protectors look even better with all its clothes back on  
Heat shield brackets  
Shield fitted  
Carbon Addict  
Last of carbon swankiness  
Carbon Swankiness  
Off for her post lockdown belt change  
Couldn't resist  
Tart up stickers  
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Living the Dream
  1. Mr.Wolf likes this.
  2. Bobagoat46
    This is my first Ducati, always loved this shape after first setting eyes on the 916, never thought id own one though, if I'm honest.
    But here we are.......:)
  3. Bobagoat46
    This bike is slowly, No! Quickly.... emptying my wallet :eek:
    Duncati likes this.
  4. Bobagoat46
    Moved house a while ago, so everything on back burner at present, but hoping to get back to giving 998 some love and attention soon....weather permitting
  5. Mr.Wolf
    Beautiful bike, looks mint


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