Shakey F02 x2

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2002 Shakeys Highland Springs memrobilia? got that spelt right? dont look right?stick stickers on and sell for alot of money?? 996 996 racing Shakey practice year better than a clothes hanger minichamps Shakey F02 x2 F02 nice paint boxed F02 Troy's Shed Shakeys Bike sponsored Macau BSB
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  2. breakout998
    They are F02s MANUFACTURED IN 2003 for Paul Birds monster mob BSB effort which had these bikes supplied by Ducati Corse for 2003
    F02 RHS fairings had the vertical cylinder belt cooling duct fitted into and part of the fairing; these bikes where made and raced the same year as 999 raced WSB
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  3. breakout998
    In the combined rounds with WSBK these bikes ridden by Shakey Bryne
    were so far ahead that the WSBK boys were embarrassed
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  4. breakout998
    these bikes have cable clutches and thumb brakes as fitted when they were raced by ETI and Sean Emmett, rumor suggests that after Yamaha broke with Hizzy; that Hislop was due to take these bikes over; but unfortunately died in the crash 2003
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  5. Bullitt
    Very interesting indeed and thanks for taking the time to reply. Very informative. I asked a couple of connected/informed friends and I understand that these bikes are still together living in Australia.
  6. breakout998
    I have them at the moment