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Dec 10, 2019 at 11:44 AM
Mar 19, 2012
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Administrator, from Camberley

Staff Member Subscriber

Lovely day filming on the DVT Multi yesterday. Video review coming soon.... May 14, 2015

Rob was last seen:
Dec 10, 2019 at 11:44 AM
    1. KevB
      Hi Rob, renewed for the full membership when prompted not realizing it was before the previous year expired. So I have the £15 membership I think but have not received any confirmation. Could you check it went through okay? Thanks, and great site btw. Kevin.
    2. michael annely
      michael annely
      Hi Rob, can I change my forum name? I accidently put my actual name in when filling in the reg form doh!
    3. Sirs Tan
      Sirs Tan
      Hi Rob, can you help? How do I PM another member?
      Cheers, ST
    4. firecat0_0
      Hi, when I got my last card a few years back my local Halfords told me I had to register it and had to be in the trade/trade qualified to do so. I accepted this and put it down to my misunderstanding of how it operated. In a recent thread I have been told no registration is required and my last card should have been honoured. Can you advise? If I get a card what do I need to do to use it? Thanks and all the best trev
    5. Lee46lee
      Hi rob just a quick inquiry regarding the membership subscription I purchased a few week’s back. My account was upgraded immediately of which I’m thankful for but thought id check up when the halfords card should arrive? With all this time off it’s the ideal time to drop the oil on the 748. Cheers chap
      1. Rob
        Hey mate, up to 28 days but usually quicker! Thanks, Rob.
        Jan 9, 2019
    6. lukefrs
      Hi Rob I have paid the extra 10gbp to upgrade account.could you approve it to allow me to post. Thanks
    7. DjCalix
      Hello Rob i have send to you payment about 5£ you can check it
      can you approve me that so i can post some ducati parts for sale please? let me know thank you
    8. ducmon1200s
      Hi how do I obtain the Halfords Discount Card m8
    9. drs916
      Hi Rob. I upgraded my account last week but it still sys I'm a new member can you look into this for me as i'm looking to put my Pikes Peak up for sale. Thanks Dave
    10. Ravenscry
      Thanks for the Featured Thread Rob, Hope some find it useful.
    11. graham Long
      graham Long
      How do I post an issue that I have with my bike? I can not find anything here?
    12. lukefrs
      hi rob,upgraded account yesterday and seemed to have had confirmation but still unable to list bike for sale
    13. boxfusebox
      Hi I have a ducati diavel and looking to get a screen. What's better piug mra or diavel strider. Thanks
    14. Jam996
      Hello Rob.
      The Ducati fraternity are a great bunch of people and this forum looks great.
    15. AlexChou
      Hola. Rob
      Me podrás ayudar para poder cambiar mi tablero de mi monster 900 por que tuve accidente y es tablero se maltrato y ya no prende la moto.
      Alguien que me pueda auxiliar por que me dicen en la agencia que no se puede remplazar el tablero de instrumentos,solo por uno nuevo en la agencia y este sale muy costoso
    16. 955
      Hi Rob and everyone - looks like this is a great site - will enjoy it!
    17. snowscycles.com
      Hello. Just signed onto this forum. Look forward to gettig to
    18. Frankbutch
      Hi, I'm a bit new to this. How do I post a question?
    19. murrayxxx77
      Hi Rob, how do I post on 'Bikes for Sale' ? Says I have insufficient privileges. How do I get 'sufficient' privileges ?
    20. pat fiedler
      pat fiedler
      Looking to sell some Dainese Ducati red/white/gray (foggy) one piece leathers size 52 to fund the new monster. Only been worn for approx 30 min. Never got sweaty. Extremely clean. Also have some solo rear sets for 90's monster. Clear anodized. All reasonable offers considered. The stuff currently does me no good.
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