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Tommy B
Apr 8, 2013
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Jan 26, 1982 (Age: 38)

Tommy B

Well-Known Member, 38, from Derby

    1. Andy Sheppard
      Andy Sheppard
      Hi Tommy. I'm interested in the track fairings with tank. I'll also need the rear seat cowl and foam seat. £250? and can collect this afternoon or another day. Andy 07748633733
    2. Audicdl
      Evening Tommy, do you still have the Pirelli tyres for sale? If so I’d like to offer you £85 posted. If accepted I could do a bank transfer if that suits?
    3. Giulio
      Hi tommy! Do you still have avalaible the akrapovic exhaust for 749/999? If not any tips where to look for it?


    4. MiKA7
      Hi Tommy! Where those corse style rearsets sold?
    5. orange159
      Hi Tommy, I've been told you have some rearsets to fit a 998. Still got 'em? Thanks, Ben
      1. Tommy B
        Tommy B
        Hi, Yes I have some corse style rearsets with carbon guards..drop me a text if interested..07540568402
        Aug 12, 2016
    6. blackduc238
      Saw you have a slipper from a revived thread. Which bike is it for (and do you still have it?)
      1. Tommy B
        Tommy B
        Sorry sold
        Jul 5, 2016
    7. Mattt
      hi there heres my tel number 07973 322904
      or send me yours and i will call you
    8. kev cornwall
      kev cornwall
      hi tomm, how much for the ap calipers and discs, kev
      1. Tommy B
        Tommy B

        I'm after around £700
        Jun 29, 2015
      2. kev cornwall
        kev cornwall
        ok thanks tom, sure it not unreasonable, bit out of my realms, will have to stick with my P4s , ta kev
        Jun 30, 2015
    9. tonypap13
      Hello Tommy,RS muffler is still available?If yes could you tell me your best price including shipping cost to Greece.Thank you
      1. Tommy B
        Tommy B
        Sorry mate, sold it
        Jun 2, 2015
    10. Dolton748
      Hi Tommy
      I have been informed you may have a 748 engine available.

      My 2001 748s suffered big end failure at the weekend.

      I'm after a replacement engine to keep the cost down rather than a full rebuild.

      Can you help?
    11. kev cornwall
      kev cornwall
      whats your best price on the 19x20 brembo lever tom, kev
    12. kev cornwall
      kev cornwall
      hi tom , take it you have received sprocket carrier i sent back last week, have you any pics of the other one you have, kev
    13. kev cornwall
      kev cornwall
      hi tommy, many thanks, clutch cover received, think it will look the retro part on my TT2 /900 project, cheers, kev
      1. Tommy B likes this.
    14. kev cornwall
      kev cornwall
      hi tommy, can i have the vented clutch cover for £20 , can you send me a paypal invoice to [email protected] , regards, kev
    15. pauliealdridge69
      Well pm me pics/prices before they go on general sale lol
      My email is [email protected] for pictures etc ok
      1. Tommy B likes this.
    16. kev cornwall
      kev cornwall
      hello, whats the price for the ohlins forks and clamp, ta kev
    17. salvo
      Hi can you send me the template for the carbon fibre to fit the translogic on my bike please tank you
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    Jan 26, 1982 (Age: 38)

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