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For Sale ‘94 M900 Monster For Sale

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Darkness, Jul 2, 2019.

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  2. Good Luck with this, it looks a corker :upyeah: - I think a £ clue might speed things up though :)
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  3. Reminds me of my '96 one :upyeah: GLWS
  4. Thanks Chris: Initial post edited.
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  5. I’ve been asked for some further details, so:

    I bought it in 2007 from MotoRapido, the Ducati dealer in Winchester. They’ve serviced it periodically since, but I don’t do much mileage on it.
    Reason for selling is I’m being told I don’t need three M900, even if one is in bits all over the house. That’s as well as an Elefant and a CB500/4.
    The last “service” was last summer when I had new tyres fitted (Pirelli Corse) and changed the belts, air & oil filters and Motul oil myself.
    It was originally sold in Japan, but its owner brought it home to England.
    It’s a UK/ European spec bike with the V2 heads, same as fitted to the 900SS.
    The current indicated mileage is 16,498 miles, though it’s on its third speedo. Original speedo was in kilometres. I changed that for a NOS one in miles. It has since had a used one fitted. You can see the changes if you look at the MOT history on the dot Gov checker.
    The actual mileage is slightly less than 16,000.
    It’s running very well: I fired it up and went for a short ride when I took the photo’s yesterday.
    I had an incident on it in 2008. I described it as Polo’d on the UKMOC forum site at the time. A fork leg was damaged, a footrest hanger was snapped, the high Termi’s scuffed, the tank dented and the seat scuffed. I took the insurance cash and replaced all of the damaged parts with good used or NOS parts. The bike has been recorded as Cat C.
    I hope this doesn’t sound scary as it’s a good reliable bike, typical of the first Monsters. It’s a ‘94 model year which when produced was identical to the original ‘93 bikes except the rear suspension wishbone is bronze (Like the frame), not yellow. It’s even got the original rare “unchamfered” silencers only fitted in ‘93 and ‘94.
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  6. Now has a new MOT, no advisories.
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  7. Still available, though was roughed up a bit last week when a couple of scrotes decided to take it for a walk at 4:00 AM.

    Price now reduced to reflect current condition.

    Considering breaking if no one wants it: anyone want a 900 engine with V2 heads?
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