‘classic’ Songs Everyone Should Listen To

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  1. My 17 year daughter loves her music and is often asking for new ideas.
    Finds her own stuff and gets ideas from me. She’s asked me for a list of must be listened to songs - but I’d like to not restrict her to just what I think is classic.

    Perhaps post lists of top ten must listen to’s ?
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  2. Off the top of my head.
    Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
    The Load Out/Stay - Jackson Brown
    Hotel California - Eagles
    Isis - Bob Dylan
    Hurricane - Bob Dylan
    (But don’t ever, ever go and see him live! o_O)
    Walk on the wild side - Lou Reed
    Romeo & Juliet - Dire Straits
    Stairway to Heaven - Led Zep
    Canon in D Minor - Pachabel
    The Thrill is gone - B B King
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  3. Hunky Dory
  4. The Bowie album ?
    Never been a fan myself ( why I started this thread).
    She tends to favour single songs rather than albums.
    Could I ask for your ‘best Bowie songs’
  5. ELO
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  6. The Sound of Silence....Simon & Garfunkel
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  7. I think you should start by posting your idea of 10 classic songs.
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  8. Sat Nav and the Dashcams - 'Lost & Found'.

    There are more, of course .....
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  9. What Gives With You - Abraham
    Love Is A Dream - Ajalon
    Desperado - Alice Cooper
    Black Coffee - All Saints
    Joker - Babe Ruth
    A Day In The Life - The Beatles
    She Cries Your Name - Beth Orton
    E Equals MC Squared - Big Audio Dynamite
    Mother Whale Eyeless - Brian Eno
    In The Land Of Grey & Pink - Caravan

    Strewth, barely into the C's ...

    I have included songs that damned well ought to have been "classic", and with a variety of styles.
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  10. Good point,will ask her for a list too.

    AC/DC - Touch too much.
    Seguedille - From Carmen.
    Roger Waters - The Powers that be.
    Alice Cooper - The Department of youth.
    Billy Bragg - Waiting for the great leap forwards.
    Natasha Marsh - Si Un Jour.
    Frank Sinatra - That’s life.
    Jools Holland - Waiting Game.
    Kate Bush - Night of the Swallow.
    The Who - Who are you.
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  11. just say motown..

    four tops
    marvin Gaye
    smokey robinson
    frankie valley
    either of the Ruffins
    stevie wonder
    and so on..
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  12. Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
    Mr Brightside - Killers
    LSF - Kasabian
    Cast no Shaddow - Oasis
    Brocken Stones - Paul Weller
    Higher Love - Steve Winwood
    More than a Feeling - Boston
    Africa - Toto
    Zombie - The Cranberry's
    Ho Hey - The Lumineers
    Walk of Life - Dire Straights
    We Live and die in these towns - The Enemy
    Laid - James

    There are so many great/classic songs to suggest... Hopefully a few she won't have heard before here though.

    It's a very subjective question and many people will come up with may different suggestions... Good thread though @Alan williams :upyeah:
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  13. More if you have to :)
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  14. Yes will get her to give me her top ten too. Give people an idea of what she’s not heard.

    I love talking to people about music and finding new stuff to listen to.
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  15. although in fairness all the above.
  16. pink floyd great gig in the sky
    led zeppelin stairway to heaven
    cars drive
    anything beatles
    anything les miserables
    u2 i still havnt found what im looking for
    my way
    matt monro the impossible dream
    abide with me lizzie jones About as brave as it gets!
    sad cafe every day hurts
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  17. How one bit of music influences another..

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  18. Orange Juice - Rip it up
    Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
    America- A horse with no name
    Nas- The world is yours
    Ben E King - Supernatural Thing
    Marvin Gaye - inner city blues
    MJ Cole - Sincere
    Kool & the Gang - summer madness
    Childish Gambino - Redbone
    Prince - Raspberry Beret
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  19. Australian radio station 'Triple J'
    Download the streaming app.
    Triple J's hottest 100 is always a good listen in the New Year
    Like a version has some great performances of artists covering other artists music
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