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“litelok” Motorcycle Physical Security, Anyone Using This ?

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Android853sp, Nov 23, 2021.

  1. I’ve used one and am not entirely convinced. It is lighter than an equivalent chain and lock, it can be linked together with others and it’s easier to keep off the ground…but it does take up a fair bit of space in the top box if you don’t fancy locking it around your waist (assuming it would fit). I believe they have come up with an improved version.
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  2. Thank you. Andy
  3. Took a look and the space they take up and it is a no go for me
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  4. I use one of these:

    GRANIT Sledg 77

    (on the back wheel) superb bit of kit that also has a holder you attach to the rear subframe. Saw a video of a guy who took a good few minutes with a grinder to get one off the wheel.

    In fact the LockPickingLawyer recommends it!
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  5. Have one on each off my bikes.
    Great bit of kit.Not had a problem with seizing and one has been on three different bikes.
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  6. Probably difficult with being in France for the delivery and tax hassle. Thanks Brexit.
  7. that lambchoprides fella was trying to shill these along with a discount code in one of his videos a while back


    until people pointed out in the comments it's about as secure as tying your bike up with a shoelace

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  8. No need for the tool Bosnian Bill made here
  9. I had one and it was shiete. Wore out the latching mechanism after a couple of years use so it just stopped locking suddenly. Much prefer the Abus 8008 which is easier to use , hopefully its locking latch wont wear out.
  10. I've got/had them on all my bikes they will fit on - really easy and convenient, plus no danger of wrecking your calipers by forgetting it's fitted and locked.
    The only 'seizing' I'm aware of is when the pin gets trapped in the hole in the disc because the wheel has rotated a few mm - it can be a sod to get freed up but easy if you can get someone to rock the bike forward and back.
    I wouldn't use any lubricant in the lock (other than graphite) because it may trap dirt/grit.

    He wasn't the only vlogger promoting these locks.
    When I've used one I've always made sure it is off the ground which would make it much more difficult to cut.
  11. Strange, maybe unlucky...QC? I've used mine for a good 8 years without issues.
  12. I still like my roadlok. Shame I can’t get it to fit the monster or pani!
  13. Agree with this. Bought one of the "ribbon" style although i did know about the later type, but that wasn't going to be available until after i needed it for some touring this year on the GS.

    It takes up a significant amount of room either in the top box or one of the panniers, it doesn't roll up into a smaller diameter that easily, remarkably springy. But.... it's done ok for me so far. I went for the red sleeved one, but after a filthy tour of Wales it's now grubby looking. Not the end of the world. It works well, snaps shut without faffing with a key, nice when you just want to get off the damn bike, unloaded and indoors. Did buy it partly with the intention of a mate also buying one and joining them, but that's not happened so far.

    I found that trying to decide which lock to go for was the dictionary definition of analysis-paralysis. So many reviews and opinions. As said many times; if they want it that badly, they'll get it. The tools that LPL has used on his channel are not what your average scrote will be carrying, nor the time to use them. Sounds mercenary but all you're looking to do is make your target less appealing than the next guys (.... if they really want it, they'll get it)
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  14. All the scrotes will do is cut the disc either side of the lock, unfortunately the disc is the weak link.
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