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Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by DRR117, Nov 24, 2021.

  1. So….. my 1199 lasted 102 days before the desire to get another V4 finally took hold and I ended up in Norwich to collect this 2020 base model V4…..


    This is how she was when I picked her up yesterday… however i have a few mods to put on her which will make it look a little different. And of course I’ll pop them on the thread for everyone’s enjoyment and amusement :)

    Booked on to Portimao with NL in May 2022 and will no doubt do a few UK days before hand. Nothing against the 1199, it was a bit of a beast with the JHP engine work and other modifications but I just missed the awesomeness of the panigale V4. Roll on spring 2022
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  2. That clutch cover o_O
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  3. Snob ;)
  4. If you want to see the clutch, do a proper job and fit the dry clutch conversion. Not only do you get to see the clutch, you get to hear it too. Andy
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  5. The Uscite...just how much does it obscure the taillights? I think I'm one of the few who like the look of this system but am worried about it being advertised as track only and obscuring the tail lights. I'm a mixed use rider but by far most of my miles are road vs trackdays.

    Some pics it looks like it does obscure badly, some not...depends on the angle of the pic taken.
  6. Very nice, love that exhaust!
  7. Clutch cover will be up for sale soon, just like the exhaust and the black Puig screen. :):)
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  8. I only have an image from the video I took earlier as I’ve already stripped most of the exhaust off the bike now. It does a pretty incredible job of blocking out all the light :joy::joy:

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  9. I was taking the piss
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  10. I loved that exhaust……

    Literally offended every old person.

    Good buy.
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  11. I'm old and it doesn't offend me :p
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  12. BBB78210-DB74-4316-9629-F173756E2558.jpeg
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  13. Noice, love the zorst!
  14. I think that comment fits the majority of Panigale owners, myself included.
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