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Featured 1 Owner 40 Year Old Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Slingy123, Nov 25, 2021.

  1. That’s gorgeous! Now I might have to buy another bloody bike to resto mod. I’ve got pretty much a whole GSXR750 slingshot in boxes too o_O
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  2. It's a lovely example of it's time. I'd keep everything as it is and have fun explaining what a tape deck is to the kiddies.

    As for tonights ebay purchases what about: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304239778088
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  3. Reading stuff like this I wish i had the money to buy an african elephant.
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  4. What a lovely looking motorcycle, it's so gay, that top box is to die for. I can smell the Brut from here.

    You lucky lucky bitch
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  5. Just clean it and love it like only a mother can
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  6. My god she's beautiful!

    Seriously though, I'd leave it as is, you certainly know yours
    will be the only one there which ever bike meet / pub you go to.
    #26 duc13, Nov 26, 2021
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2021
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  7. What an awesome bike for the history, the story is better than the bike! Love it.
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  8. I seee a huge business opportunity, foam insulate the panniers and sell ice creams out of them, you’ve already got the stereo for the jingle ;)
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  9. Ahhh , a man with vision ! After all this ridicule we finally get a sensible answer …sign me up. I would have preferred my Village People tape was playing but I can make allowances I guess
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  10. So today I finally had some decent time to actually go over the bike and see what I’d bought. I have to say for a bike that’s 40 years old, never been recommissioned or tarted up, it’s absolutely mint. I mean I genuinely couldn’t find a single corroded bolt or fixing. The tools in the pouch are all genuine including the Kawasaki supplied tyre pressure gauge for check tyres and suspension pressure, and not a mark on any of them. I’ve had old mega low miles stuff before, but you could always tell it’s age to some degree… this just blows that out the water. I think I need to start buying my cars from Wyoming, they definitely have some form of super weather bubble there !!

    Today’s task was remove most the touring stuff and see what we were dealing with underneath. Happy to say the worst thing I was confronted with was dust and minor oil seepage stains from the usual cam caps on the rocker cover. Good to see they leaked pretty much from new haha.

    very pic heavy post so continue at your peril . I’m guessing ahead of time the forum uploaded will throw the pics on some random order. They are meant to be before and afters

    The front mudguard and rev counter pics were showing some mofo sticker residue that was a right pigs arse to remove !

    71376F6F-12E1-41B9-81EE-A4669CF6C0A0.jpeg 8C9438B3-1113-4BCB-805C-8CC44BAD5540.jpeg C8005F40-14CB-47F2-864E-E6F33260589F.jpeg ED33695F-CCAE-4932-AAE2-93121310DD1D.jpeg A3B27821-06E8-4C06-BA7F-0098F3CCDBE5.jpeg 20465119-0886-414A-88C1-557FA5425010.jpeg E6EE980F-EF73-4003-9A66-11713FDBE8F8.jpeg 73D79AAA-3F81-4064-8846-5DAE291A3688.jpeg 6835DE8F-932E-4FAF-83F0-CC53BE7A1D98.jpeg F2215865-9C33-413D-BF8B-2990DD2E2485.jpeg 9EA9C2A4-23DE-4E5D-8F99-B4B4082E97AD.jpeg F2191A51-B25D-4F49-BFC3-1E703D6B02FC.jpeg 8F14DEFC-71DF-4CE1-A1A7-01C093D65F2A.jpeg F2062491-B08E-4CCA-84A5-89B0559D0B5C.jpeg E4055C21-857D-40DD-B6EA-871CEA8C1095.jpeg 16ACE761-3B0C-4C9D-BB82-44F69E706B37.jpeg 004018A6-6FAD-4911-BEDA-533C9550B58D.jpeg 68CB9D5C-E43F-4F5E-B6ED-438B3DB122A6.jpeg E12B28DE-7BD6-4BAA-B031-D69C119E65E2.jpeg BE206CDE-1C3E-41BD-8FB8-61B1337CFF09.jpeg C3D152A9-FA3C-4434-BEEE-F2609DBAE143.jpeg 0ACF4F9C-54EB-40C2-9E16-26620826D6AC.jpeg 0ED2E286-7C68-4477-AD96-B7B0BF1AEF29.jpeg 7633A6FA-74C3-40D2-871A-309AAD9061AF.jpeg 9D9BA756-3AF3-4EF1-91DD-8B8301D435F3.jpeg A17623B4-BAFF-4617-8109-84644DDAD877.jpeg ECC2A2CE-56A9-4B23-8224-E9826D4CE26E.jpeg A4EBE9BD-4B0B-48EA-845D-74182843F356.jpeg D693AD18-E1B1-45C1-BDDF-3B9C3DAB7A86.jpeg
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  11. Nice one.
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  12. Jesus christ that looks better with a little elbow grease applied.:)
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  13. I've brought one too :)



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  14. cheers… it’s come up a treat with only a very minor snag list to recommission fully.
    #34 Slingy123, Nov 30, 2021
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2021
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  15. Nice,

    what’s the plans for it ?
  16. I want to build a supermoto/flat tracker out of it, just something for me & Kerry to have lazy rides to the coast etc, my 1198 isn't the best to carry a pillion ;-)
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  17. Ok who took offence to my beautiful blue chaps and tight buns ?? It took me a lot of courage to pose like that and poof, it’s gone :mad::joy:
  18. I love it and the panniers
    Will be a talking admiring point when you take her out.
    Retro is my thing
    Go show her off to the world :)
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  19. There are other sites for your Saturday night shenanigans :grinning:
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  20. Really?!! Which ones do you use?? :laughing:
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