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1 Piece Suit For Track

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Cream_Revenge, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Hey

    Not including the ££££ air bag suits, does a £1000 suit actually offer much more protection than a £400 suit?

    Track only.
  2. You can get an air bag suit for £1000 as I did at last years NEC.
  3. Get a made to measure from that geezer recommended on here - someone will know - think they were South Yorkshire somewhere. A lot of racers use them.
    A £1000 shop suit will have cost between £100 and £200 to manufacture. The £500 bespoke suit is dearer, but cheaper at retail price only.
  4. It's DRC and about £700 now.
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  5. With all the air baggy bits too????
  6. Yes mate the Dainese Misano suit £1k from Dean Ellison. The Mugello suit was £1800 but they didn't have my size or I would have bought that.
    Worth a look at this years show to see if they have any deals.
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  7. sounds like deal of the day right there mate :upyeah:
  8. Icon IXU03 airbag vest, wear under any suit. I’m saving up (when I’m done with the 748 project that is bleeding me dry). I have a DRC one piece -you are welcome to pop over for a look at the quality if you like.
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  9. The worst part of the deal was carrying it back to the van. :rolleyes:
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  10. Yes please as I'm very close to pulling the trigger.

    Would you be free tomorrow as I'm after a ride out and no fecker wants to go to super sausage.
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  11. Probably not much. Lighter, thinner leather (kangaroo) and maybe better fitting.

    fit, stitching, armour most important
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  12. Does sound good this.
  13. Sure.
    . Pm on the way
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  14. My mate picked up an Alpinestars airsuit last year - Baga sand all in. Chris Walker IIRC.
  15. I have been keeping my eyes open for a airbag suit, do you actually get the airbag system with the suit as its not clear in the adds
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  16. Best suit av owned for fitment but ad recommend getting the boots aswell as the leathers are made to go over the boot and not so comfy with all that leather tucked in ya boots so went bk for the boots .also the best boots av owned due to using sidi vortice for years what are a slag to get on lol and not so comfy the dainese boots are so easy to get on and so comfy

  17. Be aware that both Dainese and Alpinestars air bag suits are return to manufacturer for a reset after 2 operations. Andy
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  18. If you choose the right £1000 suit, yes it will.
  19. Astars is return the airbag only. You can use the suit while the airbag is away for servicing.
    Dainese is the whole suit away for servicing.
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