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10 Day Tour, What's Best Screen

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Alan Gilchrist, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. I'm doing a 10 day, 7 country tour in august on my Multistrada, and was wonder which is best touring screen to buy, I get buffered about quite a bit with standard, and are the spoilers that are on some touring screens any good.
    And any other tips for my trip would be much appreciated as I've never ridden in Europe before
  2. That’s sounds like a very hard tour for a first timer in Europe if you don’t mind me saying ? What’s the plan ?

    On the subject of screens I use a Wunderlich screen spoiler on a standard screen. Works for me but screens are a very personal thing.

    Prepare yourself for an avalanche of tips.
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  3. What she said ^^^^
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  4. See the threads in the Multistrada section. Personally I recommend the screen spacers.
  5. Its not as bad as it sounds, I counted Scotland and England as well lol
    Over night ferry from newcastle to Holland then down through Germany into Austria then Italy. Couple of days in venice with my wife who's flying to meet me, then back to Holland. Averaging about 250miles per day, biggest is 320miles on way home, but I regularly do 400miles plus in a day when out in Scottish tours.
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  6. You are aware that there are restrictions on driving in Venice ? As we found with Florence, you need to park your vehicle outside the city and use taxi/public transport/walk and parking is about €30 a day. If you use the bus, have plenty of loose change as you buy a ticket from a machine in the bus not from the driver. Have fun :upyeah: Andy
  7. [email protected]

    Yes I know about no vehicle in Venice, I just need to find some where to park my bike for the days I'm there, no biking, just a romantic weekend lol
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