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Featured For Sale 1000ss Superlight

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Nasher, Jun 19, 2022.

  1. I've decided I need to move my 1000SS DS on to make room for another project.



    It's basically a 2003 1000SSie DS which I've converted to 1990's 900 Superlight bodywork, including the tank and Seat pad.

    The build thread is here:

    I was very careful to ensure that the seat unit was positioned so the seat pad is in exactly the same place and height as the standard 1000SS was.
    So once on board it's exactly like riding a 1000SS, but you don't have to hide when you get off it because of the styling.
    It can be converted back to a standard 1000SS very easily as I was careful to ensure the frame etc was not modified, and if any bolt on parts needed to be modified I brought replacements to modify rather than use the originals.

    So it looks like a 900 Superlight, but has the benefit of:
    That lovely 1000CC Fuel injected Twin spark engine.
    The better looking Aluminium swingarm that a lot of 900SS owners crave.
    Ohlins rear shock.
    5 Spoke wheels.

    It's currently on 11,600 miles.

    All the 1000SS standard bodywork etc is stored and will come with the bike.
    It needs an MOT on the 11th August so I will put a new one on it for the buyer if they get near my price. It will need a new rear tyre soon, so I will put a pair on for the MOT.

    I can also throw in a standard Rectangular Carbie SS headlight and front fairing panel if the Projector headlight is not to your taste. The standard bracket is underneath ready to swap if required. I'll even do it for you if needed.

    I can't claim it's cosmetically perfect, but has fooled lots of people at the likes of Loomies who think it's a 900SS I put a 1000DS engine in years ago.
    It has the standard flaky engine paint, but don't they all?

    There are only 2 standard 1000SSs I can find for sale at the moment, both with dealers, both with more miles on, and both priced @£5,990.
    Considering this one has a good Carbie SS tank which itself is worth £400, plus the Genuine Ducati Performance Remus Exhausts worth another £400, and Carbie fairings etc, I think £6,000 is a fair price.

    The bike is in Clanfield, Hants for viewing.

    I am looking for a Multistrada Enduro for my next project, preferably one that needs work due to crash damage etc.
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  2. Thanks for all the 'Likes'.

    If anyone has any questions about the bike please don't hesitate to ask.
  3. Lots of likes on the ad, but not a lot of interest.

    If anyone has anything constructive to say about the price, or anything else, perhaps they could PM me.

    Also happy to talk about the bike as much as you want.

    Should I be putting it back to standard to sell?
  4. How's it sound coming down Steep?
  5. Overpriced in my opinion for non-standard unit, you've hit the nail on the head with returning it to factory stock.
    Marmite bikes are difficult to sell unless it's really, really cheap.:)
  6. I wouldn't return it to stock. Lower the price if there's no interest and it needs to go, but don't put more time or money into it. It's a cool bike, TO ME it'd be worth at least as much as the stock version. But I'm in the USA and just picked up a Mk1 Superlight so that's all moot...
  7. Bump,
    @DesmoDog have we seen your MK1 super yet.:thinkingface:
  8. Thanks all
    All comments are appreciated, and of course I’m happy to talk about the price to anyone who wants to.

    The Elephant in the room of course is that not many bikes actually sell on here, most tend to only sell once they’ve been put up on Ebay etc, but I wanted to give everyone on here a first shot because of all the lovely comments I’ve had about it.

    I’m sort of happy to put it back to standard to sell it, and sell the conversion kit separately, as I believe it will fit the 750, 800 and 900SSie as well, but I honestly think it would be a shame.

    It’s partly priced as it is because of all the additional parts that come with it, and the fact that it’s actually 2 bikes in one, one that fits current opinion and tastes, but also one that can be put back to standard easily when opinion of them changes and it’s realised how rare and capable they are. But I do understand that not everyone will see it that way.

    To illustrate my point of building it, below is an image of a wonderfully capable bike, completely underrated and ignored by many, a lot of people don’t even know they exist, and the ultimate development of the 2-Valve Air Cooled SuperSport range in the 1000cc Injected Duel Spark motor, but with, in my humble opinion, a mistake by Ducati concerning the styling:

    As purchased.jpg

    And below is the same bike, with the same riding experience, but including my reversible kit of parts to put right the(in my humble opinion) mistake:

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  9. I don't know how much it owes you S, and it's not our business, but let's just say at my time of life I would agree with an opinion above, that I would not convert back but instead take a reduction now due to time being more valuable, for me anyway.
    Although it can also attract the attention of R Soles, I would try Gumtree if you haven't already as tend to get more Bohemian/unusual types on there that might just fancy it. :thinkingface:
  10. Thanks Chris, it's not advertised anywhere except here at the moment, but will be in a couple of days.
  11. Get it on eBay.
    Start with a bid that you’re comfortable with and see how it goes.

    Good luck.
  12. I think those bikes in standard trim are not very popular or sought after. Secondly many people seem to regard non standard bikes as the devils work. Combine those two and you're not likely to sell it quickly regardless of what you do.

    In your shoes I'd keep it how it is and be patient, or discount it and sell on price. Or sell one of your other bikes which is a more in demand/ popular model?
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  13. @Nasher An opinion if you want it...
    To me, this is the sort of bike that someone builds for themselves (to keep) not with a view to sell. I'm of the same opinion as most - the original styling is something only a mother could love - and you've made it look 100% better. Unfortunately, most folk - on here and the wider community - don't buy someone else's custom bike. However there will be one or two that hanker after something a bit different (I'm one of those, but haven't the cash to indulge), so I think the Gumtree comment above is a good one. It needs an 'alternative' marketplace...
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  15. Good luck
  16. Thanks Chris.
    It's in my nature to want everything to happen NOW, which is why I do the job I do, but I've calmed down a little about it now as I have managed to rearrange some other things in my life and have enough Garage type stuff to keep me busy for a while without needing a new bike project urgently.
    So I can afford to see if anyone out there is interested without dropping the price massively.
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  17. That's a nice special, way nicer styling than the original. Bide your time and the right buyer will come along.
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  18. I hope the person who is looking for a (this) special bike finds it & you,
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  19. Not an expert at all, but I reckon, as has already been said, this is far nicer left as is. Good luck. :)
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