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For Sale 1098 Bst Carbon Fibre Swingarm

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Mary Hinge, May 15, 2020.

  1. Just sold my 1098R. So I’ve got this for sale now. Think they’re ~£3,200 new... with significant waiting time.
    Great condition and the only flaw I can see is a rub mark on the chain guide (can’t be seen when fitted).
    £2k will buy you instant hero status and hoards of women will want you when you pull up for a cuppa and a bacon buttie...

    028C125A-2988-4963-96ED-882597CD2D74.jpeg F9E7B46B-D0E0-4F04-A859-8CB5640F1BF8.jpeg





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  2. Instant legend status guaranteed, with the purchase of this glorious swing arm. :yum
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  3. I only have an 848 but if I had the moola I would buy this just to ogle it and rub up against it nightly.
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  4. Someone buy it chaps, you too could be like Mary. :) "WOOF !"

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  5. Yep, that’s the spirit!!
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  6. I still love my polished aluminium version I bought last week.
  7. Yeah saw that. Looked great!
  8. I think most would want to rub up against Keira Knightley..
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  9. Did you get a good price for the 1098R? Would you mind sharing? I’m not sure whether to keep mine, pending the arrival of the 1198R.
  10. Well, that would be a very quick night for me even with booze involved.
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  11. I so want that swinger, but I so don't have a spare £2k.
  12. Don't tell me, you're waiting for a tax refund.
  13. Tax refund, yeah that would be a result, no I simply don't have the spare £2k hanging around and with the prospect of hardly any work for the foreseeable future I'm not likely to have it spare any time soon. Does that preclude me from commenting on what a fabulous and desirable swinger that is? Almost certainly according to you, fucking muppet.
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  14. 784C14EA-B189-40A5-B151-3FF8A126EF67.jpeg Yey 13 posts
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  15. I've been in the garage for a couple of hours. Is this still here? :astonished:
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  16. You didn't comment on what a fab swinger it is, just typed hot air.
  17. I’d chase down the dutch guy....he wants one bouchekepan or however it’s spelt!
    Shall we say 10%
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  18. Trust a copper to want a back hander. :bucktooth:

    You might call it commission Andy, I call it Police corruption. :thinkingface:
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  19. Yeah .. and I’m a bully.. but not a muppet!
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