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Featured 1098 1098 R Carbon Edition

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by Robarano, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. My subconcious mission to make the ultimate 1098R continued a few months ago and I forgot all about it. o_O


    Now this is a silly bike that has me flipping between grinning like a Cheshire Cat and wanting to throw the thing into the nearest hedge, such is it's ridiculous nature. I've contemplated selling it a few times but can't seem to pull the trigger, often after feelings of indecision, I end up buying something for it, maybe to subconciously ensure I keep it? :thinkingface:

    Anyhoo, for a good 3 or so years, I've wanted a BST carbon fibre swing arm for it, but they are north of £3k now and I couldn't justify it (I recently bought a full bike for less). I've had them on my eBay watch list in that time and apart from a poor 2nd hand example and expensive ones in the USA, nothing has popped up, until.............October last year and a brand new one apears in.........Melbourne, Australia. :worried: Anyway, I make the guy a really cheeky offer (really cheeky :innocent:) and as expected it's rejected, but I do send him a thank you message. I keep it in my watch list and it's still there over Christmas, so after a few Christmas meads on Boxing Day, I contact the guy again with a slightly improved offer which he accepts. :) I end up getting the swing arm, landed in the UK, taxes paid for half the cost of a new one here. It's as described, brand new in the box and a thing of beauty.

    I was in the garage pottering about today and I noticed the box sitting there. I genuinely forgot about the thing as I had been messing about with the Aprilia and I knew I needed a chain to fit it.





    So my subconcious mission to build the ultimate 1098R continues. and I'll try to get it on the bike soon, once I buy a chain..........................the bike will probably be for sale next month ! o_O

    Oh, beware when buying things from OZ. It arrived like this and I had to convert it to northern hemisphere configuration. :)

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  2. Not sure I could forget something of that value in a box in my garage if I could afford a garage. Different levels but I was jumping up and down when I found 20€ in a compartment in my wallet when travelling and needing a latte. You are very lucky to be in that position (no offence and you have obviously achieved and worked hard)...it’s a beautiful swingarm too and bike
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  3. I've been so busy since Christmas Carl. It took 2 weeks to arrive and then I've been working 6 day weeks, until last week. o_O
  4. As I said worked hard :upyeah: full of envy I work hard but got jack :joy:
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  5. PH

    I remembered :no_mouth:
  6. Yeah, I told you at Christmas. :) You could have reminded me. :confused:
  7. You could have sent me it for Chrimbo :mad:
  8. You can have the box once I fit it, if you want. :thinkingface:
  9. You will be keeping the box for when you sell it :thinkingface:
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  10. That is a truly stunning piece of engineering.
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  11. Thing of beauty, much like it’s owner.. x
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  12. You've done well there Rob. And they are indeed beautiful.

    As I and my bike slid down the track side by side, and were launched over the kerbing and into the gravel at Almeria, all I could think of was my shiny gloss swingarm :eek::scream: I was astonished to find not a scratch on it when I got back to pitlane.... Not only are they really expensive, cool looking and shiny, they're magic too. Like a lamp with a genie in it.

    Oh, and mine will be for sale next month along with the bike.... PLUG.....
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  13. If I was in the market for a new sports bike I would be looking at the 10/1198, I was never a huge fan when they were the current sports bike. But now and even more so since the V4 landed I really have a hankering for one. I would love a booming twin with a big lump of bottom end and a rattley clutch.
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  14. That swinger looks the nuts! I reckon that once it’s fitted on that stunning bike, you’ll quickly forgot all that bollox about selling it. :cool:
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  15. I remember the marketing blurb wittering on about the increased length in swingarm will calm down wheelies :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    Yeah, roger.... I don't think so.
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  16. Never mind the bike (lovely),what about the tall steel cupboard and the wall unit not lining up level Mr OCD.;)
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  17. Are you bored, per chance??
  18. Just treading water at the minute.:upyeah:
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  19. It’s beautiful mate. Looking forward to making you a daft bid on the bike once you have fitted it. ;)
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  20. So there’s going to be at least 2 of you selling your 1098r’s then? What with the competition & the fact that none of us can ride at the moment anyway, it’s a buyers market! Looking forward to getting some bids in ;)
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