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  1. Hi,

    I am going to fit a new slipper clutch to my 1098. I have read that it can be a bit tricky getting the adjustment right.
    has anyone fitted a slipper clutch? If so, was it straightforward or difficult getting it set up correctly?


  2. Very easy. The setting up is all done with the clutch plate stack height. 37mm rings a bell, but someone will be along to tell you the exact measurement.

    Make sure to grease the ramps and ball bearings. You'll need a large torque wrench for the centre nut.
  3. ...and a clutch holding tool.
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  4. Thanks. That sounds reasonably straightforward. I'm assuming the new clutch will come with the correct measurements.
  5. Thanks.
    I have got hold of an Oberon clutch tool.
  6. Never assume. :)

    A very important thing to remember with a slipper is that the clutch plates fit in a different order to the original clutch. You MUST fot a friction plate into the clutch 1st, not a steel plate. My old 1098S came with a slipper that had a steel fitted 1st. When dowshifting, the steel would slip behind the clutch drum and all engine braking was lost. Very scary when it 1st happened. It was fitted by a main dealer too. :Bucktooth:
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  7. BUCCI slipper clutch fit 1.jpg BUCCI slipper clutch fit 2.jpg BUCCI slipper clutch fit 3.jpg BUCCI slipper clutch fit 4.jpg BUCCI slipper clutch fit 5.jpg
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