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Featured 1098 Streetfighter.

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Markmc, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. Thought I would add a few pics of a recent purchase of mine.
    It's a 2010 1098 streetfighter.
    I was looking for an 'S', but they seem to be shooting up way out of my price range.
    I found this one on Facebook market place, down near Shrewsbury.
    Currently has 12,100 miles, and 2 owners.
    It was originally white, but now has a Matt black wrap on it. My initial thought was to rip this straight off, but in the flesh, it kinda looks stealthy and not too bad. Going to leave it as is for now. May also rip it off at any mo.
    A deal was done over the phone, and I shot down in the van to collect it.
    I knew it had not been maintained well, and had Sat for a while.
    Initial strip down confirmed this.
    First job was to replace the belts, fitted some exact fit from the forum.
    Oil&filter changed. Sump plug was very tight coming out, and does not sit straight on the sump. It's getting re-threaded next week.
    New plugs fitted.
    Air filter looked like it was the original, so replaced with a pipercross, cheaper than o.e. replacement.
    Front pads almost down to the metal, so new pads and fluid change.
    Tyres were old, and the rear was the wrong size. Fitted a new pair of supercorsas.
    Managed to find some termi end cans, now sounds as it should.
    I've a few bits still to come, will keep this updated as and when I fit them.
    Images in no particular order. Screenshot_20201011-194722_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-195129_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-195107_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-195046_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-195026_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-195004_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-194949_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-194931_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-194912_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-194854_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201008-151918_Facebook.jpg Screenshot_20201011-194835_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-194810_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-194742_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20201011-194722_Gallery.jpg
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