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For Sale 1098r Bayliss Le.

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by baylissboy, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Those of you who know me will know that I've contracted the track day bug, resulting in less & less road miles being covered & those miles have all been done on my Streetfighter. Therefore I'm considering selling my Bayliss, as it's literally only been to the MOT station this year.

    The bike is in mint condition, it's done 6,800 miles, 61 reg, full Ducati Coventry service history, biketrac fitted, all factory supplied items are present, ie, plaque, cover, standard engine control unit & exhaust. (70mm race system & associated engine control unit is fitted to the bike). I also have a brand new spare Bayliss cover too.

    The bike also has a few tasteful extras fitted, including;
    Ducati performance Termignoni slash cut carbon cans (original standard Termignoni carbon cans included),
    Ducati performance carbon instrument cover,
    Ducati performance carbon front sprocket cover,
    Ducati performance carbon rear hugger,
    Full Six carbon under seat heat shield,
    Full six carbon swingarm cover,
    JHP alloy clutch cover,
    JHP rearsets,
    JHP quick action throttle,
    JHP front & rear alloy wheel nuts,
    JHP engine cover,
    EP radiator & oil cooler guards.

    Please PM me for price & if any other information is required.


    Oh....I forgot the JHP alloy fuel cap & JHP race seat!!
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  2. Didn’t think you’d ever sell that, Steve.
    Anybody interested in this bike, you won’t find a better example!
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  3. Thanks mate.
    Trust me, this decision has kept me awake at nights......it will only go if I get the right price!!
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  4. Apart from the one behind my sofa :yum

    GLWS - a price shouldn't be secret :eyes:
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  5. Was that the new cover that was on ebay a few weeks back?
  6. +1 I've seen the bike in the flesh it's better than factory. Absouluty mint.
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  7. Don't start on the price thing again, I don't want this thread to go the way of the "Foggy" one!! Lol
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  8. No, I've had it for ages.
  9. Don't be shy :eyes:
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  10. Thanks Alistair....maybe see you out on track again next year?
  11. Defo matey
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  12. I never saw that coming Steve. :eek:

    You're unlucky though and a week late. I sold my Hyperstrada last weekend and would have done you a straight deal. :thinkingface:
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  13. Just my luck!!!
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  14. Never mind. Don't cry over it. :worried:

    What are you buying for the track? :thinkingface:
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  15. Come on Steve,Lets sex this advert up with some porn pictures.:motorcycleduc::):upyeah:
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  16. and a price :thinkingface:
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  17. We know the price he wants,don't we Stu.:upyeah:
  18. Have you never seen one? :thinkingface:

    They are just like a 1098R in a garish suit. :bucktooth:
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  19. No :thinkingface:
  20. With the snazziest PJ's (forgot that didn't you) :thinkingface:
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