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Featured For Sale 1098r Troy Bayliss Limited Edition £16,000

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Ducaian, May 20, 2020.

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  1. A friend of mine is selling his Ducati 1098R Troy Bayliss LE. It’s in fantastic condition, approx 17,500 miles. Full Service history, presentation plaque, Bayliss cover , Bayliss rear paddock stand. £19k
    Message me for more details if serious buyer. Thanks







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  2. You would be better adding pictures up in your 1st Post for maximum exposure :):upyeah:
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  3. With Mr Sulo too
  4. Price dropped to £ 16,000
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  5. That’s quite a chunk. That should get the vultures circling :laughing:
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  6. Yep, the mileage will have been putting people off but that is now on the side of great value. As these bikes get older the mileage won't be as much of an issue - more condition. No one worries about a Brough's mileage after all...

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  7. I think if I had a spare 16k, this bike would be top of my list. Fantastic deal for somebody.
    Surely the sheffield thieves would buy it from him for more than that, and then stick in on their shop floor
    for 25.
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  8. I don’t think the mileage will have been putting people off as that’s less than 1500 miles per annum and a perfectly acceptable figure so to me a total red herring.
    More than likely buyers are taking a wait and see approach in the current climate and waiting until sellers are absolutely nailed to the floor before buying anything: I know I am, ha ha!
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  9. Their bikes are sold on consignment so they won’t offer anything for it. The seller will be looking for a quick cash sale I would imagine, not six months on consignment and a maybe!
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  10. Finally, a true representation of these bikes value. Not hyped up by the R gang and Sheffield mob

    When selling, you need to know what you have and what its worth..

    No doubt the ten-arr owners will be nuking..
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  11. Wrong :)
  12. Wrong :) they buy bikes for stock too :bucktooth:
  13. Wrong, they are worth £millions :blush:
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  14. Why? Cos you say so?
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  15. Again, elaborate please, not just because you say so!
  16. Finally we agree on something!
  17. Mileage not a problem as as it’s only been stroked along country A roads as opposed to spanked round a track. That said, if I was buying it, I’d rebuild the engine. So I’d factor £4K in for that.
    But imho a 1098R is far too much of a wild man for the road!
  18. Calm down :p
  19. Calm doon :eek:
  20. Calm down :mad:
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