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For Sale 1098r Wheels

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by NoGutsNoGlory, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. 1098R wheels with brand new Brembo HPK discs. Dunlop 212 GP Pro tyres fitted probably have a day or two left in them.


    Will also fit the later models with correct spaces I believe?

    IMG_0245.jpg IMG_0246.jpg IMG_0247.jpg

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  2. still for sale?
  3. Yes mate still for sale.
  4. good just need to see if they fit my multi
  5. No problem @nelly might be able to help?
  6. 320mm discs?
  7. no - 330
  8. boloxx that's a problem then
  9. Some calipers run with 5 mm spacers - I thought yours were 330 ?
  10. Isn’t the 1098R disc offset different ? I have at the back of my mind someone said that it’s 15mm like the 748R. It’s early and I’ve got a head full of snot so I could be hallucinating. Andy
  11. totally correct - 1098R runs 15mm offset as std, not sure what offset Multistrada runs?
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  12. Front should go in ok with 5mm spacers in the caliper mounts. Rear will be fine as is.
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  13. I think the S has 330, the standard has 320 (depending on which multi).
    My original thought was a 5mm spacer. Have done that on a few GSXR wheels and when I fitted Öhlins to the 848 if needed spacers
  14. Can the original discs just be fitted on my front wheel? I have someone interested in the HPK discs separately.
  15. I fancy changing the wheels on the 1200s monster, i take it they should fit ok.
  16. I'm not sure can anyone else help?
  17. Discs are now sold wheels are still for sale £600.
  18. Can i reserve these for another forum member?

    Will let him know now
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  19. Bargain.GLWS
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  20. Good price!
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