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1100 Evo Sp "stripe"

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by folbjo, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Wanted to make my "strip" verson to my 1100 Evo SP
    Original cover was painted with original Ducati red (PPG 473.101 Ducati red).

    The strip was cut into foil and mounted on a matte ground surface. Then it was lacquered with clear lacquer. Have not seen it before and I like the result

    20190616_214342.jpg 20190612_175020.jpg 20190612_175008.jpg 20190612_174633.jpg 20190612_174615.jpg
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  2. Fair play that looks superb!
  3. Thanks BrassFlute. I think it's like a "little more gas tank" this way.
    I love carbon but I like this look too
  4. Just got a carbon tank cover for mine but you are right it does look more gas tank:)
  5. Looks great, I’d be happy with that :)
  6. That looks great!! If I hadn't just agreed to sell my hyper I would like that! :sob:
  7. Looking great! The pics you send me of your bike, wow! Going to look even better with the running light conversion coming up ;) !
  8. Thank you for making one set for me as well. I'm really looking forward to mounting it. I love buying things for my great Belladonna. This will be like a jewel on her
  9. Switched to NCR tank cap. Chose black instead of titanium as I think it would be the best option for my Hyper.
    Black, white and red are the original colors of the Hyper, so then it had to be black.
    Was very pleased with the result in the end

    20190809_115152.jpg 20190903_152843.jpg 20190903_152902.jpg
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