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For Sale 1198 New Pictures £7250 Sold

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by I'm closing in, May 3, 2019.

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  1. bike is for sale but be a few days until it gets returned and belts changed by Ducati John.

    Has been a bit of disappointing experience so just want to move on, bike was purchased from a Honda main dealer in January, it experienced some running issues due to a faulty ecu which has now been replaced by jhp (ducati Coventry) so rest assured the bike is running fine, the Honda dealer has spent £750 rectifying the fault, reciept present.

    Belts are been changed very soon by John

    Around 7100 miles one previous owner, I am on the logbook now but have never rode the bike, mot is around 8 months not sure if it will have a new one put on as yet.

    Condition was showroom really as it came out of a showroom, full 70mm termignoni, slipper clutch absolutely do not know as never rode it but it looks like one, had valve check at Jhp paperwork to prove, had a replacement wiring loom at Jhp paperwork to prove, 2 keys, service book, some Ventura shield is on the bike, this is a lovely bike but I realise I cannot handle it, plus fed up with the hassle I have had, somebody can enjoy this bike now


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  2. Nice bike, very clean, GLWS:upyeah:
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  3. Glad it all seems to have been sorted and that Honda have chipped in. GLWS.
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  4. Cheers yes finally got somewhere, this is why I side with people who have been messed about, it’s been quite stressful
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  5. Really nice bike - I have no space or cash though :confused:
    Being messed about really sucks, my wife's Juke is just out of warranty and the timing chain has started to rattle (apparently notorious on Nissans) I can't be f*cked with the grief of the dealers who I am sure will do me a 'goodwill' deal where I pay their extortionate labour :astonished: so I'm going to change it myself for a 75 quid aftermarket chain then tell her that she needs to run a Toyota or Suzuki :D
    GLWS :upyeah:
  6. Cheers, good luck with it mate
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  7. Lovely looking bike. And I’m in the market for one. Sadly she’s out of my budget. Might have to sell a kidney!
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  8. So, tell me about this kidney you have available.....
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  9. It’s had a hard life - slightly pickled but only one owner and .... it’s red!
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  10. Shame , yellow is so much better.

  11. That’s a shame I would really like a forum member to buy it.
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  12. Yes go on ..... :innocent:
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  13. Interested in the kidney, PM sent
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  14. Sorry guys my new bike is arriving next week. :D:D
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  15. It’s only for sale on here at
    what is it? You p/x the r6?
  16. Yeah r6 going mate, got an 08 r1 inbound!
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  17. Nice
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  18. Can't wait ... there supposed to be mental bat shit quick.
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