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For Sale 1198 No Longer Available

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Dirty Leeds, Jan 15, 2019.

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  1. so basically after a heap of messing around, excitement etc etc, I have to hold my hands up to thinking this ain’t going to happen, I’m in no rush to get rid so no panic selling, I just think it’s going to be too problematic I think I need a smaller more manageable or less powered bike.

    Mileage is 7,079, 1 previous owner, just had an mot, in its present guise it has a full termignoni, I think a slipper clutch but the jury is out on that, supercorsa tyres ducati tank pad, front crash bobbins, rear seat cowl.

    P/x considered for a monster, a modern monster or scrambler or something else but not sure what, I’m short 5’3 so no big bikes cheers

    this is a really regrettable sale and I’m acting now rather than it dragging on.

    Standard clutch cover also included, bike will need belts, had a service at the dealership this week.

    I can deliver this bike to anywhere on the mainland uk, and Europe, next trip abroad is to Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia so can deviate to many other places. Leaving uk around 7th April, after that possibly to Spain






















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  2. Sorry to see that and GLWS.
    Have you considered a 748/916/996? I'm pretty sure their seat height is just 790mm. Less than a monster and same as a scrambler.
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  3. Cheers, I got an rvf 400 if all else fails, the 1198 can just sit here in the house the rvf can go to a mates if need be until something happens but no rush.
  4. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
    If you want to find out for definite if it has a slipper clutch, find a steep hill with a sharp bend at the bottom, start off at the top of the hill, ride down the hill flat out in say, 4th gear. At the bottom of the hill, just as you approach the bend bang it into 2nd and let go of the clutch lever; if the back wheel locks up, jumps high into the air and comes around to meet the front wheel, it doesn't have a slipper clutch and you can report your findings from the side of the road. If none of this happens, quickly grab the front brake, lean over and you may get lucky and carry on around the bend: The bike does have a slipper clutch and you can report your findings safe in the comfort of your own home!
    I will shortly have a 748 for sale, you may wish to consider something like that?
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  5. Cheers joe, but I can’t even begin to ride the thing, I sat on it and thought ....gulp ....bit off too much.com

    I’ve shrunk
  6. You probably just need a bit of tuition, a refresher course or something. None of us are the riding gods we like to think we are really, least of all me. But it all does come with experience, get something booked when the warmer weather arrives or you may just regret it for a long time!
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  7. Take it out one sunny spring day, then decide :thinkingface: and stop being a pussy :bucktooth:
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  8. So I was right? ;)
  9. Ah, that solves it, it's perfect for him :):upyeah:
  10. He could have it lowered by 50mm by someone like Kais.
  11. Can you not get out the deal?
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  12. Is that who lowered you?
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  13. Always :upyeah:
  14. No mate
  15. 999 seat height is 40mm lower than 1098 according to Google.
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  16. Even if you take a hit?
  17. Gareth at reaction assured me it would not be a good move, stroke in rear shock too short
  18. Oh yes I can do that, but I’m ok hanging on until spring I don’t need to move it I’m just doing what I think is right I think :)
  19. I know I had a 749 fella
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