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1198 1198s Going Up In Value ?

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by Snaps, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. As above the 1198S models seem to be going up and up in price bit like the old sp1/sp2 honda ? Any reason why
  2. Only seen evidence of them coming down
  3. I hope so.
  4. Just because people ask stupid money doesn’t mean they get it. Few on eBay under 10k in dealers, who will have bought for 8k or less.
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  5. I can almost understand it. Last year I had a fair offer for my s100rr unseen from a trader, I expected them to chip me for the tyres so I let someone that kept pestering me see it. Sold it to them for not a lot more, they paid up, then put off picking it up for a month. Then phoned up ranting because there was chain lube on the rear wheelo_O.
  6. Don't know, just had a quick look now out of interest - that won't be there long looking at other prices!
  7. I think I mailed them about it a while back, they said they wanted to move it on. When I asked why the red one was more money they didn't reply.
  8. Strange :bucktooth:
  9. That's what I thought. TBH I'm not in a rush to buy one, unless the right one turns up.
  10. Thought that was an SP? :thinkingface:
  11. One near York recently with 2,500 miles on was a 9k in black
  12. I nearly had that one but wouldn't deliver in with the price
  13. Its up for 9.5k now!
  14. Aye, you need to move quick when there’s a bargain about :)
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  15. Is 8 or even 8.5k a bargain for one ? Prefer red but blacks different I suppose lol
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