1199 And 1198

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by shakeys dad, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Both bikes cleaned today 15002148059561228311352.jpg 15002148233961271434337.jpg 15002148233961271434337.jpg
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  2. what does nuke post mean?
  3. Love the scheme on your 1199. Is it a wrap or a paint job?
  4. its paint,done by dream machine.quality is brilliant but there service is shite
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  5. Which is your favourite? Or is that like asking you to choose between your children!?
  6. Loving the 1199 paint, I did a similar scheme on my old multistrada 1200s.

    I think I'll be getting a panigale end of this year / early next, and I'll definitely be painting it black with some sort of design, looks lovely
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  7. It means @Cream_Revenge has got clumsy finger when scrolling this thread.
    Lovely looking bikes.
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  8. I like them both, after I had the panigale, I missed the low down grunt of my old 1098,and after a couple of inline 4s for the track i decided to get the 1198 for the track. Did mallory on Friday, and going to Snetterton on Sunday. Much more involving and rewarding to ride than a 4
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  9. Wayne
    Is that a pool of jizz on the tank of the 1198 in pictures 2 and 3.
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  10. it sure is kev,got a bit carried away
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  11. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone has a favourite child, no matter what they say. :grinning:
  12. I bet you are looking forward to riding it around Snetterton next Sunday. It should be a good day , as long as the weather is OK and we don't get too hammered on the Sat night.
  13. Unless there's more than one my bro was going to buy that panigale we seen it at the mcn show up Scotland when it was brand new.
  14. Different bike, this was red when I bought it
  15. I am looking forward to Snetterton, and you know we're gonna get hammered Saturday night
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  16. Ah right. Tricolore Nero I think it was called the one he was looking at. Not sure if it was official.
  17. it is called tricolore nero,and i dont think it was official
  18. Are both of these bikes set up for you? I was wondering how you'd compare the handling of the two as I haven't tried a Panigale? Cheers
  19. There both stock set up, I just get on and ride them and can't fault them, both better than me
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  20. Funny as my iPad now has a heap of man fat all over it