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1200 R Brakes

Discussion in 'Monster' started by J biker, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. My front brake pads (how do you wear out rears ?? lol) are ready for replacing and I am looking to order online.
    Does anyone know the part code for standard OE Brembo pads to fit 2016 Monster 1200R?
    I came up with

    But would like to be sure before ordering.
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  2. Thanks Chris, order placed.
    just need to find some shell advance locally, going to do an oil refresh between services.
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  3. i'm still looking.. :) prefer red but might go with black.
  4. Black can look really good too, sod to keep clean though in my experience (gsxr 1000k8, S1R) every little smudge and scratch shows.
    Red though...natural colour for a Ducati I think.

    Love mine. Big improvement to all day comfort ( two tanks of fuel) with, of all things, a sheepskin seat pad. In black! lol

    Mine is nearly prepped for September French Pyrenees and Tarn Gorge tour. Sat nav mounted. Elecy to phone in small tankbag. Going to try and get away with a 20 litre Kriega bag. Can always buy a T shirt or something if things get a 'bit rough' for washing opportunities. o_O
    Two tyres required, not enough left on the Pirellis which is a shame, but seen how fast they can fade.
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  5. I was away for 9 nights last October and used a 30 and a 20. How longs your trip?
  6. 5 or 6 nights. Got the advantage of already being in France though.
  7. Your choice of footwear off the bike might be the difference there with a 20. Unless you have tiny feet I guess
  8. I travel light. Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 20.50.02.png
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