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1200r Electrics

Discussion in 'Monster' started by J biker, May 4, 2021.

  1. So. I have a Ducati plug to sae connector on the bike. This should have enough output for Garmin sat nav and also a USB adaptor to charge the phone.? Thinking to join in to the new wires (splice/solder and seal) to use the garmin cable with the 12v to 5v box on the cable and a cable to usb.
    This should reduce the need for multiple wires. Not worried about it being permanent live as I will not leave the sat nav on the bike.

    I would like also to fit Daytona heated grips (the ones with built in switch on left grip) wired via the white connector under the black cover, left side at headstock.12v and switched I think.

    Does this sound reasonable?
    Kept me awake last night thinking of the least messy way for the wiring.

    Plan to use Garmin bracket on a Ram mound on left handlebar and have a Shad tanklock type bag, where I want my phone charging lead to go. Probably bring cables under the tank and out near ignition/head stock.
  2. Ducati plug, do you mean the DDA that can be used for charging the battery ? If so, that does not supply power. Andy
  3. It defo was charging my phone yesterday what ever it is lol
  4. I had a dedicated USB lead fitted directly to the battery and routed under the tank which slots in the gap in the trellis frame.

    I use the DDA (plug under the seat) with the Ducati trickle charger.

    I had an UltimateAddons ball mount installed on the steering damper.


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  5. @tcrofty7
    Looks neat.
    I plan on having my phone in the top of my 3L tankbag. Bluetooth connection to Shape headset. Tomtom app on phone for speedcamera alerts. (Tried out yesterday and it works)
    Got one French point and trying not to get any more o_O
    But also want my Garmin on left bar, so it sits higher up and is easier to read. My eyes do not focus as fast as they used too! The lower position of your phone, whilst very neat, is too low for me for visual map. Also would like to do some trips on the Monster and may end up sharing some routes. So Garmin wins there as well.
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  6. I'm still working on the best location for the phone. tbh i'll probably never use it as a NAV tool, it's just easier to have it there than in my chest pocket.
  7. I defo neat to deep clean and polish my Monster. That bike is gleaming :upyeah:
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  8. You have one dedicated heated grip plug under the left side rubber cover which already fused 7.5A through your fuse box. Thats the safest plug for charging stuff and using SatNav. Don't use the one under the seat. It is diagnostic plug. even tough first two pins are directly coming from battery and used for charging it. It has only 3.5A fuse. Also underseat plug have always connected to battery even you turn the key off. But the one in front is off when you turn your key switch to off position. Even if you forget something plugged, it wont drain your battery. You can check the video below for exact location. Just buy same type of connector and plug it. Dont solder stuff if you can avoid. It is not nice to cut wires and plugs off oem harness in my opinion.
    You can see the plug at 2:40
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  9. Thanks, useful stuff.
    I wont be messing with the main harness. Making bespoke wiring from power source.
    Will use headstock source for heated grips.
    I also have direct to battery connection to sae connector. Will connect to that for sat nav and usb power.

    Iwill then use the under seat connector for charging battery.
    Thanks for clarifications. :upyeah:
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