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Discussion in 'Monster' started by shakeys dad, May 17, 2020.

  1. So I had the first proper ride on my 1200s today. Anyone else having problems with ground clearance. When cornering, I've got my toes on the pegs as best I can, and if today is anything to go by, I'll be going through toe Sliders every couple of weeks
  2. The first few seconds of this video show good lean angle and plenty of clearance toe to ground for more lean, your not from Norfolk originally are you, ie more than 5 toes per foot? :)

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  3. Video won't play for some reason, but definitely not from Norfolk
  4. I’ve had a 1200s for a couple of years and have size 12 feet but I’ve never had an issue with inadvertently touching the ground. Has the bike been lowered or the suspension set low?
  5. Ahhh
    But they made the R taller front and rear for MORE clearance...

    No I cannot get my toes or anything to touch "YET"
    it had been a while since I was on a bike, and the last bike while powerful and fast... I dragged everything around the mountains... Toes/heals/pegs/exhaust etc
    Now when I am only probably only 75% leaned over my cruiser brain keeps interrupting...

  6. Well pointed out Rex, for some reason I thought SD had an R, but it’s an S, so all I can say is I’ve got about 8mm chicken strips on my M1200 rear tyre and have never scraped a boot. (I too have size 12 feet :))
  7. Gem may have the answer there, if the previous owner was vertically challenged they may have dropped the suspension?
  8. Yeah, I wear a 13. And on a 2014 where the exhaust/pillion hanger gets in the way...
    I have overcome both the ABS and slipper clutch twice downshifting and braking hard into a corner...
    For now I do not fit into armored jeans so I have no knee protection... Yeah that's the reason...
    I was recently made aware of add on under or over the pants armor... Set on order then my excuse will be I suck...

    But till then its just being smart for lack of armor...

  9. I could do with checking that, when you get 5 minutes, do you mind measuring the height of the foot pegs with the bike upright.
  10. Yeah no problem, I’ll do it when I get home tonight
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