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  1. I've had my 1260s for one year now. Here are my thoughts on the bike-

    General - I thought from day one that it's the best bike I have ever owned, and still think that.
    Reliability - Has not missed a beat, totally reliable at 8,200 miles
    Build Quality - Excellent. I ride all year and it still looks great. I always ACF 50 for the winter which helps.
    Engine - Once loosened up after a 1000 or so miles it just got smoother and generally better.
    Gearbox - A little difficult to find neutral early on but no problem after a few hundred miles.
    Suspension - Skyhook say no more.
    Power - Say no more!
    Handling - Superb.
    Comfort - Good riding position, although I added bar risers which sits me slightly more upright which suits me personally. I found the seat uncomfortable, it pushed me forward too much so I changed it for a Corbin - ride all day comfort.
    Rideabilty - Only issue for me was the amount of free play in the throttle, which made the bike for me hard to ride smoothly on the initial on off of the throttle. Easily cured with the throttle spacer.
    Wind protection - For me not great with the stock screen so I changed it for an MRA Vario and Palmer Products screen mount, which improved things, still not ideal though.
    Tyres - I found the Scorpions ok but now changed to Avon Storm 3D-XM which are better IMO and give great grip, good wear and good price too.
    Fuel economy - Pretty good. I just look at how many miles I get per tankful, which is 150 to 160 miles before the orange light comes on.
    Brakes - Brilliant.
    Lights - Excellent. The best I've ever had. The cornering lights are a nice touch. Riding in the dark is now a whole new experience.
    Long distance touring - Off to Spain next month, so will know more after that. Can't think of any reason why it won't be a good experience.
    Electronics - All work great. I love the multitude of available settings and the dash is very good once you work out how it all works! Cruise control is a new thing to me but occasionally it's nice to have.
    Off road capability - Get an Enduro.
    Running Costs - Well, it was never going to be the it cheapest was it, but taking into consideration the 9000 mile service intervals it's not so bad.
    Modifications - None except I removed the troublesome exhaust valve, and added the throttle spacer. I am also going to change to a 42 tooth rear sprocket as I find the gears a little too long.
    Extras - Along with the seat, screen + mount, and bar risers, I have also added Evotech Oil Cooler, Rad, and engine guards. SW Motech tank bag, Carbon exhaust guard, Evotech bar ends.
    Negatives - Apart from the seat, screen and throttle free play, I really can't think of any more.

    Conclusion - You will never guess - I bloody love it! It is my first Ducati and it's everything I expected a Ducati to be, and some. There is something about owning a Ducati that you just don't get with any other bike, I presume I am preaching to the converted here. As far as the Multistada 1260 in particular goes, if anyone thinking about whether to get one reads this I hope it helps you make the right decision,, which is...…………..get one!
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  2. Glad you are enjoying the bike, I think that pretty much sums up my experiences as well. A few niggles, especially when I need a new rear suspension, but overall I still love it.

    Riding long distance - no problem (especially with the cruise control on dull motorway sections)
    Enjoy Spain, it's fabulous riding
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  3. What I take from this is you really should of brought a ktm_faulty. :D
  4. Cheers. Yes I'm looking forward to Spain. I last went about 10 years ago, been meaning to go back ever since!
  5. My first ever bike was a KTM Comet Cross moped. Had many hours of fun on that as it gradually fell to pieces in front of my eyes. Apparently not a lot has changed
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  6. @Groundhog : It's good to hear that you're loving your Multistrada. Have a good tour in Spain, you'll really enjoy your bike on the great roads.
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  7. Love my 1260! SO far so good and I have a big trip coming in August to go around Lake Michigan and Lake superior (into Canada).....can't wait to see how the Multi does. :)
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  8. Cheers Steve I'm loving it, and I'm really looking forward to Spain I had the 9000 mile service today so we're ready to roll
  9. Sounds like a great trip. Have a great time
  10. Same to you! Look forward to hearing about it!
  11. Thanks, and I will put some pics on when I get back:upyeah:
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  12. Great write up! If you don't mind my using your format, here are my impressions (some I just used your words):

    - The Multistrada is definitely the best bike I've ever owned.
    Reliability - Has not missed a beat, totally reliable at 15,200 miles
    Build Quality - Pretty good, but the paint is very easily stained or marred which is disappointing.
    Engine - Once loosened up after a 1000 or so miles it just got smoother and generally better.
    Gearbox - A little difficult to find neutral early on but no problem after a few hundred miles. If I'm plodding around slowly and shifting early it's a little clunky, but if you have some revs, it's butter smooth.
    Suspension - Skyhook say no more.
    Power - Excellent, but not as raw as my 2011 was, which I miss sometimes.
    Handling - Superb.
    Comfort - Good riding position, I also added bar risers and a different seat.
    Rideabilty - Great, but first gear is a little high; throttle spacers and 42 rear will fix it right up.
    Wind protection - The stock screen on the 1260 is better than the stock screen on the 1200, but it still sucks. I use a 7jurock screen; pretty good, no buffeting, but easily scratched.
    Tyres - Scorpions were good, but I use Dunlop Roadsmart 3, for double the mileage.
    Fuel economy - Mid to high 40s mpg. 8 - 10 higher than my 2011 so that's great!
    Brakes - Brilliant.
    Lights - Excellent and very bright. Lights are a little too high for my fat arse, I corrected this on my 2011 with stiffer springs, not sure that's an option on the 1260.
    Long distance touring - I went on a 30 day/9000 mile trip last year and it was excellent, it's very good at everything.
    Electronics - All work great.
    Off road capability - Get an Enduro.
    Running Costs - The service plan I got made it affordable for the first 3 years at least.
    Modifications - Throttle spacers, windscreen, seat, bark busters to protect the ridiculously fragile handguards. I will definitely do the 42 rear sprocket.
    Extras - I fitted the Multi Enduro bags. Expensive, but fantastic on a trip.
    Negatives - Seat, windscreen (this is most all bikes though), super soft paint.

    Conclusion - Wonderful bike. A little tamer than the original 1200, but a LOT less issues to deal with. Overall a better bike - I'm not sure it's better than a first gen 1200 with the issues sorted, but with this one there hasn't been any real issues to sort out, which is so nice (knock on wood)! There's currently nothing out there that I would trade it for, it's the best bike for me.
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  13. No problem, good to hear other owners views. Regarding the height of the lights I believe you can adjust them. I can't remember exactly but I think you can get to the adjusters under the beak somewhere, but I've never had a look to check exactly where. I can't say I have had any problem with the paint finish myself. I plan to fit bark busters or similar too. I agree the screen is a problem on most if not all bikes. I have no buffeting just wind noise. Having said that I rode a naked bike today and was soon reminded just how much wind protection I have, so I can forgive a bit of noise!
  14. Yeah, I got my front nose pieces replaced under warranty for the paint issues, the ones they sent me the paint isn't 100% perfect looking closely under halogen lights, but I'm hoping it will hold up better against the elements. It may simply have been an issue with just my bike.

    I have the headlights adjusted all the way down, but I weigh 270 lbs. + have the much heavier enduro bags on the back.

    I have to replace the seat and add/change windscreens on all my bikes, they're so subjective so I can't ding Ducati for that!
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  15. Although your photo looks very commanding, it doesn't show such an imposing stature. ;):innocent:
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  16. Which bar risers are you using? I love my 1260 but think bar risers would make it a little more comfortable. Thanks!
  17. I have the Ducati risers. I had the dealer them put on when I bought the bike.
  18. Thanks, I will ask my dealer about them.
  19. I'm using Rox Risers.