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1260 1260 Desmo Service

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Swisstommo, Jan 1, 2021.

  1. Hi All
    So I have managed to rack up 18,000 miles on my 2019 multistrada 1260 enduro in under 24 months. So I have book my desmo service and also having some parts replaced due to corrosion under warranty. Both crank casings and the full swing arm in fact.
    My first worry was i understood the service was going to cost approx 1k and when I had a call from the dealer saying that the cost only covered the opening up and diagnostics but not the parts and adjustment!! What ? Is this true????
    Then when replacing the swing arm they damaged the bearings when removing the old one and say they now will not get replacements until the end of January 2021?
    Would love to get you thoughts?
  2. Would have thought you had a strong argument for a bit of goodwill from your dealer. Seeing as the bike will have all the bodywork stripped off to change the engine cases, I would have thought there could be room to reduce your service labour bill. Same for the labour associated with removing and cleaning the eccentric hub which is a desmo job. Dealers get a bare minimum contribution from Ducati for warranty work so there needs to be a bit of balance. Andy
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  3. Through no fault of your own you could potentially miss out on 4 weeks riding. I’d say that’s worth a bit of goodwill towards the service bill.
    It’s not as though you can use it while waiting for the parts to arrive; which could be anytime.
  4. My bike was off the road for 3 months. Almost 2 of those was waiting for parts to arrive from Italy. As frustrating as it is there was no alternative.
    As far as the service cost my understanding was that it was around the £1k and if the shims needed adjusting then the cost would increase. If your dealer has caused damage then I'd ask them first about how they plan to compensate you and hopefully you'll come to an agreement.

    As an above post says if your bike requires panels removed to fit parts under warranty then this time could be discounted from the service time for your bike.

    My bike is back and running sweet but the service from Ducati Italy and Ducati UK was poor in so far as they made all the right noises but this wasn't followed up by any positive change in their timescales for parts supply.
  5. They have actually had the bike since mid November. They say that they will not even lend me a bike
    Not a happy experience so far
  6. Which dealer is it?
  7. I'd be wanting compensation for that. If you bought the bike from them and have OS finance, write to the agency and tell them you are suspending payments until the bike is returned to you.
  8. Just for comparison my 18K service was £1,100. That was made up of the Labour, Cambelts, Oil, Air Filter, and Plugs as the main parts and one shim at £5. The main cost is labour and that was £800 of the £1,100. Any Warranty work should be FoC, getting hold of parts will take time at the moment, if Ducati UK don't have them then they have to come rom Italy and with freight issues and Christmas shut downs it will take time.

  9. That’s a reasonable assumption , I thought the same
    Only the head service guy at Ducati Manchester didn’t think that when I had my casings done under warranty , said he was doing me a favour only charging me for an oil filter filter after I had to go back because it was done wrong in the first place so it leaked and had to be done twice
    Cheeky git......I should have said something at the time.
    Vote with your feet I guess.
  10. Are you rich? In Spain (Madrid), the 30k kilometer desmo service with a complete chain and sprocket kit and original parts in an official dealer, 900 euros including 21% VAT, just ask at various dealers, not all apply the same number of hours in the work, some charge the actual hours of work done
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