1260 1260 Wheelie Settings

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  1. In sport mode and 2. gear at around 6k rpm, open, close and open throttle again with a little thug in the bars and up she comes. On DWC setting 2 the limiter did not allow for much of a wheelie. It felt like the front barely lifted before cutting power for a touchdown. Hopefully DWC 1 allows for some more fun
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  2. turn it off, see how that works ;)
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  3. If i did that on my 2014 in 2nd it would flip over, all I do to get the front up is open the throttle fast as I hit 5k rpm no tug nothing it even dose it with a full tank.
    Turn it off sounds like it's spoiling your fun.
  4. No big movement, just a slight thug. This is my way of controlling things. Powerwheelies are nice, but I feel more in control when provoking the wheelie myself.
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  5. Yes, but the 1260 is as long as an inter city 125.......:p
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  6. Off it is :D I figured DWS is not really ment for propper wheelyin´

    One issue though.. Nailing it in 1. gear sometimes result in an engine power surge. Whack the throttle in 1. gear and nothing happens, revs slowly rise and the engine sounds starved.

    At first I thought this was due to soft engine setting preventing stupid behaviour, but it also happens in "Sport" with all electronics off and power set to max.

    Anyone else noticed this?
  7. Nope. In high throttle and full power, ime (1200 DVT) will just drive forward. But if you do it below 4K it can take a while to pick up...but this bike is all mid and top end not bottom end really.

    It’s a big, heavy piston you are trying to spin up remember, and has a fairly heavy flywheel so won’t spin up like a sports bike.
  8. This has litte to do with heavy pistons, I´m sure. Seems like a ECU/map problem. Out of a roundabout I nailed 1. gear in 4-5k rpm, nothing happened. Released throttle and repeat, it went skyhigh. Seems very random. Never noticed this in any but 1. gear.
  9. Snap gas at 5k and I’d expect sky high and flip unless a change of gear or back off. TBH I don’t do it with my DVT (a few small power wheelies only) but my last multi was often aloft.
  10. When it works (ie does not surge) its really nice and very controlled, but yes, you need to control the throttle when up. Quickshift into 2. gear and off you go
  11. Don’t have a QS, but it’s simple enough to roll a tad into second then pin. I could get through 4 gears on the previous multi...best ever for me.
  12. QS, yes. A bit strange at first as I’m used to putting some pressure on the shift lever and changing blipping the throttle. Been accidentally shifting into 2. and 3. wheelying as it now instantly shifts with pressure on the gear lever
  13. Didn’t happen without video :p
  14. With of course a - cough - Wheelie Bin..
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  15. Stopped filming myself on public roads back in 2001 when a dude was caught with a cam and sent to court with proof on tape