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Diavel 1260s, New Toy Changes Planned

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Carbon749, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. Swapped my early Gen 2 Carbon Red with full termi, for a 1260s with full termi.

    Have a few changes planned, including a colour change.

    As it came ....


    4 Allen keys, 1 screw driver and a few hours later


    Body work before and after, new paint work feels like glass, all letters and stripes are painted, I think the factory use decals, stunning job


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  2. Finished the first part of a little project, just in time for the Lock Down :eek:

    Started out as a black 1260s with 40 mile on the clock, 6 weeks later, now a slight “custom”red paint job with a few goodies

    9635EE6A-0773-483C-ABD3-3D1198B06C4C.jpeg 78896935-1AC5-4A32-897F-B388A5897E04.jpeg 5E04E310-7B8D-4E9A-8453-28AF46E66186.jpeg 40FB63ED-4CE6-4D15-B91C-D391762F53AF.jpeg 62CB0269-6573-4FA0-8AF3-23731E9AFC8C.jpeg 08BA5678-2A58-4FD5-9117-CB6CE56178A6.jpeg 85146765-96BA-4A4C-98B8-9B36E5A5D241.jpeg 105AE973-1B52-4C23-A30C-398DA20B65F9.jpeg BA9D0D13-E3C6-4EF3-8B19-F25DCC6402ED.jpeg 5F40F524-1083-4971-BD1B-409700E009DB.jpeg
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  3. I like what you did with the number plate, but no light, turn signals and maybe blocking brake view make me hesitant to do the same...

    how are you liking the carbon parts?
    I like the back one but doubting about the front.
  4. Rear lights are fully visible, so rear lights and brake lights all clearly seen.

    I will sort out some rear indicators, when I find some I like, but for now, happy to leave them off. I ran my 749 without indicators for 14 years without a problem.

    Love the carbon parts, had a Gen 2 Red Carbon before, and love the look of a few carefully selected carbon parts.
  5. would like to see this back on the bike - cant wait for the pics
  6. looking forward to the after pics
  7. Me too ....
  8. Hi, The results were on a different thread, not sure how to link / merge the 2 threads.

    Plan for a few more bits of carbon, add some ventureshield or similar to the undertray, then wait for lock down to finish.

    Diavel - part finished project - 9.jpeg Diavel - part finished project - 10.jpeg Diavel - part finished project - 8.jpeg Diavel - part finished project - 7.jpeg Diavel - part finished project - 6.jpeg Diavel - part finished project - 5.jpeg Diavel - part finished project - 4.jpeg Diavel - part finished project - 3.jpeg Diavel - part finished project - 2.jpeg Diavel - part finished project - 1.jpeg
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  9. That is a very nice bike....:upyeah::motorcycleduc: you've splashed the cash there, I notice you have removed the rear hugger:punch: where are the rear indicators now??
  10. In the box with the number plate holder :D

    Happy to run without rear indicators for now. At some point I will add a pair of LED strips to the undertray, or make another number plate mount that will also carry a pair of small LED indicators.

    Ran my 749 without any indicators for 14 years, never had an issue with the police or MOT.
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  11. Just out of interest why didn’t you just buy the new red version?

    And threads merged btw :)

  12. New red one is £20k + £2,500 for the termi, with very few deals on the red ones back in January. There may be a few deals around once dealers open again.

    I got a very good deal on an ex demo black model with full termi and 40 mile on the clock.

    The new red version comes with silver air tubes, which I don't like. All the pre launch marketing images had black air tubes. By using a black bike, I got the black air tubes.

    Plus, quite enjoyed doing the project, albeit a small project :D
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  13. Where did you get the paintwork done?
  14. Apex Custom Paint Worx in Codnor, Derbyshire.

    He does the race replica paint jobs for the main Honda dealer in Nottingham. Plus loads of custom jobs for private work as well.
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  15. Love the look of your bike, looks mean :)
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  16. Looks great .... love the red and black scheme.

    Thinking about putting the Termi on mine ..... hopefully will stop the horrible juddering at low speed due to emission controls, so I’m told.
  17. Not a fan of Diavels but if i saw something like that for sale id definately consider it...
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  18. The Termi without DB killers is brutal, to me it sounds awesome. Very crisp, with a "bark" to the exhaust note.

    Lovely pops and bangs on the over run and down shifts.

    I love it, couldn't imagine not having them fitted.

    I had a Gen 2 carbon red, with full termi. The 1260s is louder in my opinion .... which is good as far as i'm concerned.
  19. That is a beautiful bike. I just purchased a new 2019 1260 for about $7,000 usd less than a S model, so I'd like to make a few upgrades with the money I saved. Just ordered a quick shifter. Where did you get your mirrors and the license plate holder? Just awesome. Well done!
  20. Mirrors are Chinese copies of CRG Arrows and the plate holder is a DIY job. Drill and tap 2 x M6 holes in the grab handle, then a simple piece of shaped ally plate, cut and drilled to fit.
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