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For Sale 1299s 1 Owner 37 Miles

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Old rider, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. 43E87DBB-500A-4D6F-A1B3-2CD98EDDEC2A.jpeg 10E03F31-6E63-4AC5-970A-8257CEB24EC9.jpeg
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  2. Who on earth buys a bike like that and does only 37 miles in almost 4 years?!!!
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  3. Amazing isn’t it. He’ll have taken a bath on that trophy.
  4. Probably been replaced with a V4 ......that will be up for sale in 4years with 37miles on it :p
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  5. To be fair, half the buggers on here :)
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  6. To be fair that’s far too higher mileage for me to consider :bucktooth:
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  7. More likely someone who got all exited, bought it, realised it was too sporty a position, was
    much too powerful and was afraid to ride it.

    Then sat on his mistaken decision for 4 years and finally bit the bullet.

    A great buy now.
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  8. Nowt like insulting your target market El T :p, did wonders for Gerald Ratner.

    Have a great Christmas.
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  9. Yeah but he was a twat. I’m lovely, me.
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  10. :rolleyes:
  11. If it’s the same bike my mate told me about, his brother-in-law bought it, rode it once and was so terrified he never rode it again.
    So one owner, ridden once.
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  12. I bet he has all the riding gear to go with it as well.
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  13. It's a shame we can't cut out the middleman,then it would be a real find/bargain:upyeah:
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  14. 37 miles and out of warranty! No thanks.
  15. Might be possible if it’s the bike I think it is.
    The dealer has it on sale or return
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  16. When I look at used Ducati’s I’m always astounded how people buy these amazing machines and don’t actually ride them.
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  17. Often different reasons for this with exotica.

    Too scared.
    Too little time.
    Too scared about depreciation.
    Too rich to give a shit, butler takes for annual service , but can willy wave about them in the pub.
    Too embarrassed (..insert model here)
    Too worried about getting dirty.
    Too many bikes in garage.
    Too short.
    Too fat.
    Too married.
    Too much time on forums just talking shit about them.

    Personally, I don’t think there is qualifying criteria for ownership, every sale keeps the industry alive ( and opportunity for some pre - loved/owned/thrashed bargains).
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  18. My friend's 40 mile (iirc) Desmo. His cats like sleeping on it. :zzz: He's got a Panigale Tricolore with about 100 miles on it too. :laughing:

  19. Rob I can come around and ride you're motorbikes if you need me to. Honest'
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  20. Each to their own, of course everyone is entitled to use their bike as little or as much as they want. Although I think being “too scared” is what owners tell their mates down the pub...

    From my perspective, my obsession and love for motorcycles is based on riding them, so I really struggle to understand the low mileage gang. Clearly people have their genuine reasons, but I guess it’s no coincidence Ducati’s are a fashion statement as well as being amasing motorcycles - to that point, why not, but you’re just the same as your metrosexual hairdresser.

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