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13 Bends.

Discussion in 'Touring' started by finm, Jan 12, 2020.

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  1. Me and a group of 8 friends are trying to finalise a trip to do the NC500 in April. It’s like trying to herd cats :bucktooth:
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  2. just get em telt. its easy doable in one day.
    visit smoo cave btw. its worth it.
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  3. I watched the “Secret Scotland” programme with Susan Calman the other night and though she only covered probably about 125 miles I have to say it looked stunning. She included Smoo cave.

    This trip is mainly about riding good roads (hopefully the weather will play ball). I’ll probably do it again with SWMBO and do the sight seeing thing properly then.
  4. @finm, you can 'share' the video & select the time frame to be shown on this site. On youtube click the share button and bottom left theres a 'start at 0:00' & pause video where you may wish to show footage then tick the box. Then click the copy & then on this site. Select 'media' button & paste the copied text into it.

    Lovely footage'
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  5. Coolio. bth. the whole rout is awesome. but, catch 13bends on the right day and everything clicks. Goosebumps bud.
    yip elt. wrap up warm, it gets cold that time of year up the east coast and going over the top. even on a sunny day.
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  6. I'm doing the same for a trip at the end of May. Every time I map a route I find a better one!
  7. I've yet to do that side of scotland, looked great.
  8. yip, south Argyll, south Kintyre and the secret coast from Dunoon is often forgotten. no bad thing really.
  9. I leave for finmland on the 26th April, can’t wait.

    On my GS....sorry.
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  10. See you there :)
  11. I doubt I’ll see you for long!!!
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  12. Great roads up there. Maybe I should take a foreign holiday and return...
    Had some silly fast ride outs around there with my mate Ged when staying on the Strontian camp site. Cant remember the name of the owner but he is a biker too.
    The midges can be be wee bstards though on a night time.
  13. Know that road well. My folks live in Crinan and have been summoned to bring the 888 up there in the late Spring/Early Summer by the old man...Can't wait.
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  14. nice down there. they might know a couple of customers of mine, norrie and ann. a pair of bikers and mad engineer types. he has just built a trike. superbly made.
  15. AA09D361-1F33-4358-867A-E7800C822EBA.png Will check with them. Love the road from Lochgilphead to Glasgow too, especially if you detour right at Arrochar to Faslane and Helensburgh.
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  16. If you zoom in enough to Helensburgh you'll see #1 son's house :)
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