14 Year Old Riding A Moped Stabbed To Death In Waltham Forest

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  1. Sorry, did realise you were jesting.

    Just South of Petersfield, North of Waterlooville, place called Clanfield.
    Butser Hill, the National Park, and Queen Elizabeth Country Park are my playground.

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  2. Clanfield is nice, I know someone from there.

    Tell her she still owes me £500. She seems to have forgotten.
  3. I had a very nice Chinese takeaway with friends in Clanfield once.
    It's too close to Portsmouth for my liking though, now that is a proper shitehole
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  4. Yep, the Happy Chef, people travel for miles to get a takeaway from them.

    Oh yes, don't go near the place unless I really have to.

  5. the MILaw is from portsmouth. i always give her a wide birth.
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  6. A friend of mine was in the hampshire police 20 odd years ago, I remember him telling me they could judge where the next spate of burglaries were going to occur as the A3M was being built, as it got further up country from Leigh Park the scrotes there would jump in their XR3i, bomb up to the top of the dual carriageway to the first convenient housing area and go "shopping".

    On occasion they would get picked up heading back down towards Pompey before the crime had even been reported.
    That was when we had police on patrol at night of course.
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  7. Thing with London is
    and Clanfield is spitting distance form Leigh Park
  8. Luckily Rowlands Castle, which is much posher than Clanfield, is adjoining to Leigh Park, so it's very convenient
    for night time activities.
  9. And the residents of Leigh Park probably line up to Gob on Clanfield.
  10. It's not what you think it means..... and it's not my road or house.... just nearby.
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  11. I was working a couple of days this week on the outskirts of Petersfield on the Midhurst road....
    Lovely part of the world..... i used to go "courting" in the QE park...... my girlfriend from school, she was from Bucks Horn Oak.
    Good motorcycling roads West and East of there.
  12. Tis the way of the world, **cough*... Guinness.
  13. The Reservation....
  14. I like that, really nice, slightly bigger garden, but a smaller house than we've got now....
    it's amazing what you can get for that sort of money outside of London.
    Like the river... need to check flooding.
    However there is a pub opposite and this has been the down fall of any weight loss i've tried for the last 20+ years!!!
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  15. No disrespect or lack of sympathy but why was he riding illegally, underage, no insurance, license or probable care for innocent bystanders that may well be killed, injured or property damaged? Off road fair do's but on the road NO......I find it hard to believe that someone can just be knocked off a moped and killed for no reason....if ever there is a reason but wait and see......
  16. If, only hypothetically, the victim was found to have stabbed someone else and this was some kind of revenge, would that make it more acceptable/understandable/less of an outrage?
  17. Just to put some perspective on this it has been reported that he had be excluded from school-so maybe not such a little innocent?
    Still unacceptable for anyone, much less a 14 year old to be deliberatelly knocked off a bike and stabbed to death in broad daylight!
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