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1260 15,000 Miles And Counting

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Groundhog, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Well, I have clocked 15,000 miles over the last 18 months on my 1260s and here's what I think.
    I still love it, and it's a keeper. I briefly toyed with the idea of a change of bike. I mean, do I really need 158hp, electronic suspension, cornering abs, hill hold and a Star Wars dash with a hundred settings options etc etc. The answer I concluded is yes, yes and yes!

    HP - No, I can't really make use of all those horses a lot of the time, but to have them on tap when I need or want them is so nice, and the torque that comes with them is even better.

    Skyhook - it just does it's thing without me really noticing it, except on occasions when riding a familiar sketchy road that I used to bounce and clatter over on previous bikes, I find the MS gliding over it with no fuss whatsoever.

    Lights - Brilliant. The cornering lights are a nice addition, once you get used to them and don't think someone is undertaking you!

    Hill Hold - who needs that? - what a great feature that is on a big heavy bike, I would really miss it.

    The dash - once I had taken evening classes to work out all the functions, is excellent.

    Reliability - This was a slight concern when I bought the bike, it being my first Ducati. I am happy to report that after 15,000 miles my fears have been proved to be unfounded, including a 2000 mile tour of Spain, except to say I'm convinced there is a glitch with my quickshifter. Moto Rapido have looked at it twice and assure me there is no fault. As it happens I much prefer riding the bike without it, so I'm not too bothered, and I it has been switched off for a long time.

    Comfort - I love the general upright riding position, but added 20mm bar risers. The seat I hated. I had it re-shaped, that was a bit better. Tried the comfort seat and didn't like that. I ended up with a Corbin which was expensive and not everyone's cup of tea looks wise, personally I like how it looks, and more importantly for me, the comfort it is fantastic.

    Wind protection - Ah the black art of bike screens! Didn't like the screen, tried a Puig which was not an improvement. My current set up is an MRA Vario with the Palmers Products screen mount, which has the added bonus of eye level sat nav mount. I've decided this is the best I am going to get it.

    Running costs - Before I bought the bike I did an approximate price comparison with my last bike (1200 Tenere) based on 30,000 miles over 3 years and there really wasn't a lot in it, largely due to the MS 9000 mile intervals as opposed to the usual 6000 miles.

    Modifications/additions - Apart from the seat and screen, I have also added Evotech engine, rad and oil cooler guards and tank ring for their tank bag - top quality stuff. I changed the exhaust guard for a Conquest Carbon one. I'm on my 3rd set of tyres and second chain and sprockets - I went to a 42 tooth rear sprocket which is a big improvement, changing 6th gear from an overdrive, not happy at motorway cruising speeds, to a useable gear. I also put in the throttle spacer. Those last two things in my opinion make the bike much nicer to ride. I also removed the troublesome exhaust valve before it had chance to seize.

    Conclusion - I still think it is the best bike I have ever owned. As a touring bike which is my primary need, it is excellent. As a weekend blast bike it is equally good. As an off road bike it's like every other big so called 'adventure' bike, way too heavy for anything other than light stuff in my opinion. Having had an unplanned detour in Spain on a gravel track for 7 miles on a mountain pass in the wet, I can say that was as hard off road conditions as I would like to try it on, particularly on 100% road tyres.
    Finally there is that undefinable feeling I get owning and riding a Ducati. There's nothing better than that.
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  2. I am so glad to recognise so many qualities in my own 2018 1260S from your explanations, even though I only clocked on mine 6500km this summer.

    I also recognise less desirable features, like the torture seat... yeah, I have done the upgrades too (confort seat, re-gelled locally on top of that) and still it is not my 500km a day ride seat, from a comfort standpoint. Corbin, or Sargent - this will be my question to mull over winter season, and be ready for next spring...
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  3. Now on 9,400 miles with my late 2018 1260s and more than happy despite a slight oil leak from, what seems to be, the horizontal cam seal. Dealer is aware and will be sorting this shortly.

    Three trips abroad this year; Ardennes with the forum, Dolomites and Portugal. Fitted the Touratech comfort seats which to me are a distinct improvement. I find them comfortable enough between fill ups/stops and have no intention to change to anything else. The OEM seat had my cheeks smarting after 100 miles or so.

    Screen; tried various different types (Puig touring, Puig Sport and Touratech) and finally settled on the original along with a set of Jamie Clare's spacers. At 6' with Shoei GT Air this works for me. There is a draft, chilling at this time or year, that seems to come around the sides of the narrow lower portion of the screen. For this I just need extra layers to cover my midriff. For me there's no appreciable buffeting that I can percieve which wasn't the case without the spacers.

    Lots of power when I need it, don't think I could really want for more in the real world... Then I tried the V4S... Will certainly entertain the idea of the V4 Multistrada in 2021 and if it delivers on the promise look into the cost of change to see if I can justify it.

    The suspension is great, I had a slightly lesser version of the Sacha Skyhook on my previous bike an MV Turismo Veloce. Handling is good as is the ride. The ability to adapt, on the fly, for luggage and/or pillion is really useful.

    Tech and settings are impressive, now I've mastered the dash, happy with that.

    Extras fitted (aside from already mentioned): Desler fitter touring pack, Evotech rad and horizontal cylinder head guards, Evotech crash bobbins, Ducati Spacers throttle spacer, Roadlock disk lock, Ducati sat nav mount with Desmo Dave adapter plate for my Zumo 590.

    On third set of tyres thus far, the OEM Scorpions were replaced before their time with Michelin Road5s, now on the 2nd set of those. Good tyres IMHO, last around 5-6,000 miles with the front going first, likely down to my riding style. I'm sure I could nurse them to far better mileage but that's not me. Always replaced as a pair, usually before my next trip.

    It's certainly a keeper. Will be taking it for its 2nd ACF50 treatment, had one a year ago, in the next week or two which should help in retaining its looks.
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  4. This is the Enduro model?
  5. Agree on the ACF50 I"m having mine done again on Friday. Personally I think the build quality and finish is very good but well worth the ACF to keep it looking good.
  6. No it's a 2018 1260s with touring pack.
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  7. Thanks, interesting to hear the seat isn't good as standard. They 'look' good to me on that model. I had my Enduro seat rebuilt (reprofiled and gel pad added) and it's massively better.
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  8. "torture seat" :laughing: Great description!
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  9. My first 1200 GT lasted 3 winters commuting with home done ACF50 treatment ...... my second one hopefully wont be used in winter as i now have a cheap hack bike, but even that will have a spray of ACF ;)
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  10. Same as mine although I have the 2019 model. Definitely a keeper.
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  11. They don't seem to be too good with quick shifters.
    Girlies Monster had a problem with hers that started throwing other things up like no riding modes. Rather than just substitute a quick shifter from another monster/supersport to diagnose the problem, they went back to Ducati and had to wait a few days for an answer. Ducati eventually said change the quick shifter. They never had one in stock, so ordered one, another wait. Would have been so much easier to diagnose the problem themselves by trying another quick shifter from either another bike from the many in the showroom, or even from my bike that was stood outside.
    It only takes 10 minutes to change a quick shifter.
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  12. Where did you get the 42t rear sprocket? And the throttle spacer?


  13. I got the sprocket from my dealer Moto Rapido and the spacer from ducatispacer.com
  14. I think @nelly of this parish can now supply the throttle Spacers. Saves ordering them from ducatispacers in the US.
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  15. What exactly does a throttle spacer do?
  16. Takes up the slack/freeplay in the throttle to give immediate response and smoother throttle control at lower speeds.
  17. Great write up, totally agree with all your comments.
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  18. Thank you.
  19. Brill write up. I’ve a 2017 MTS1200S & have made more or less the same mods you have. I’ve added a de-cat arrow exhaust system which sounded fantastic & still legal. I totally agree with your observations on fitting a 42T rear sprocket. Mines a supersprox one. The only mod I didn’t know about is the throttle spacer, which I’ve now googled & will do it as soon as I can find the kit under £30-£40 which I think is very expensive for two tiny bits of plastic. I’ve covered 19000 & just had the Desmo serviced done. I must be the only MTS rider to still get through 1 front to 2 rear tyres. Tyres changed as follows.

    OEM Pirelli scorpions. Front 8000m Rear 5000m
    Metzler Roadtec 01’s Front 10000m Rear 7000m
    Michelin Road5 Rear done 6000m so far & looks half worn so I’m thinking it’ll beat the roadtech. Front has done 1000m so no data yet.

    What a fantastic bike though. It’s deffo a keeper & I can’t even find a good enough excuse to upgrade to the 1260
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