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170 Or 180 Rear Tyre On The 900ss Carby

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by ck_uk, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. 170

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  2. 180

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  1. Just interested in what rear tyre other owners out there choose?
  2. I've seen rear huggers with holes rubbed through the side from running a 180.
  3. I've run a 180 rear for several years. Gives much wider option on tyres, no impact on handling at all. I have replaced the original hugger with a carbon fibre aftermarket unit and no problems with tyre rubbing.
  4. I run a 170, but I can appreciate the lack of tyre choice
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  5. Mk1 SL have always run a 180. No problems with rubbing.
  6. Not a carby but I have just ordered my second 180/55/17. And I did rub a hole in the hugger, not side but front so took it off. Looks far better and no issues have arisen as a result.
  7. 170, but (idly) thinking about going to 160 even, given the right size wheel
  8. oh.......... you like drifting then in a straight line, thinking of cross winds bro.
  9. Given the huge effect the size of the fairing has in crosswords, can't think the tyre size will make any significant difference
  10. less contact with the road, just a thought.
  11. Motorcycle fairings have no effect in cross words.
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  12. Had 180 when I bought it. Then renewed with 180. After that, saw 170 was factory spec so next change went that way. The change was like she'd lost her fat arse. Simply more nimble.
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  13. I have three carby 900's and a 900ss ie. Three have 170 rear tyres and one a 180. I'm not sure the 180 would clear a std Ducati hugger? In Oz its easier to get 180 width tyres.
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