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For Sale 1974 860gt & 1980 900 Replica

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Fire3500, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. These are both a bit tentative, and I've priced them slightly on the high side (so please no "how much" chelp)... the right person is welcome to have a conversation about exactly where a deal can land, but I'm aware that forum etiquette is to put a price.

    I am having a rethink about life priorities and I have some structural house work to complete before next winter. My bikes have always been my "rainy day fund", and the roof is leaking... so as much as I appreciate the "you'll regret..." sentiments (and they may well be right) I've been lucky enough to experience and enjoy these bikes and I'll focus on that... albeit with tears down my cheeks if the MHR goes the same way as other bevel Desmos.

    1974 Ducati 860GT £10,000 ono:


    Handsome thing with a good story, I got it from a guy in Berkeley, California, Chris King. Chris bought the bike in 1989 and as a job he worked for Pixar movie studios as an animator and is credited on all their movies (link here). The bike still has a Pixar parking permit fixed to the fork leg and a lovely old Ducati International Owners Club decal on the tank.

    image (1).png

    image (2).png

    Do these things make a bike more valuable? Probably not, but it's a nice bit of history and knowing that this bike spent a lot of its life speeding through the Northern Californian forests, waiting in the parking lot for its owner to ride home after a day making stuff like Toy Story that delights our kids and grandkids... that's kinda cool.

    image (3).png

    It's a lovely bike, 21k miles on the clock and seems to have a very uncommon spec... it's got the stainless mudguards and more elaborate tank that would be more typical of a GTS but all looks mostly original. Could be a US thing. It's also fitted with Ducati-stamped Contis but they might get swapped to the MHR. Registered, MOT'd and Taxed at the moment but naturally is MOT and Tax Exempt as a 1974 bike.

    It's due to go into Italia in Lincoln as it's eaten its speedo drive and there's a bit of a tap from the top end of the rear cylinder. Might be a valve guide loose at worst but more likely a tappet out of adjustment according to Phil. He recommissioned the engine so he's going to take a look. Only other notable deviation from standard is that it has a Yamaha fusebox, someone clearly had a Ducati-electrics moment and got creative. All the electrical system works well although a second Voxbell would restore the "country" setting to go with the "town" horn.

    More pictures available on request

    1980 Ducati 900 Replica (#283) £25,000 ono:

    image (4).png

    This one should go, because it's very uncomfortable and heavy and I'm a short-arse but of the two it's the one that tugs at my heart a bit.

    Again I have a decent story with this one as it was rescued by me and Hattie from its sleep in a garage in Aberdeen after its third owner (Randy McLellan) passed away. Derek Blackie from DOCGB was tasked with selling it on behalf of the owner's widow (Dolleen McLelllan) after their local bike dealer had offered them £1,000 for it and he'd been asked if she was ripping them off... Derek is a very good man, and arranged the sale. The bike had been delisted by DVLA on account of it having been laid up and there was a mix up with the VRM / VIN that dated back to the original sale of the bike...

    I was initially not successful in buying it as I knew it needed a few thousand spending at best and if the (non running) engine was toast then there'd be a few thousand more on top for a bevel Desmo rebuild is a sit-down job when you get your bill. I bid my maximum but someone outbid me... job over. Well, not quite. The original buyer was concerned about the DVLA thing, so I got another shot and after increasing my bid it was mine.

    Fortunately the bike was given a clean bill of health but still had all the vital bits fettled and daft things like brake / fuel lines were replaced with the right bits to make good. All original bits are kept, including the Conti silencers. The front pipes and balance pipe are Conti but the silencers were replaced with stainless Keihin jobs. They look great, but I might swap them for the Ducati-stamped Contis on the 860GT. The recommissioning was done by Phil Worth at Italia with parts supplied by Mdina and the bill made me cry... a lot. It's not restored, just recommissioned and there are not many three-owner and highly original MHRs out there that are not restored. A lovely and very original bike that rides well, isn't a slouch either... I was told we cracked 125mph on a run back from Cadwell, I was too busy trying to keep on the grey bit between the green bits to say whether that's right or not. Haven't a clue how many MPG it does... if that's a question then it's the wrong bike for the person asking it. Its serviced about every 500 miles since it's been on the road as I cannot afford £10k for an engine rebuild...

    More pictures available on request.

    The 851 might get listed later today too... depends how busy I get and whether I hold my nerve with advertising the MHR. The MHR and the 851 were my "keepers"... but being grown-up, the house is more important.
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  2. Unfortunately none of the pictures are visible.
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  3. All good now? :)

    Thanks for letting me know :)
  4. Beautiful. GLWS:upyeah:
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  5. Luvvely Jubbly GLWS :upyeah:
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  6. Cracking bikes, I would love to keep either of them!
    For anyone who doesn't know Ian, I've had multiple dealings with him and he's a stand up guy! Buy with confidence.
  7. Thanks buddy, I appreciate that! :)
  8. What a stunning pair! Good luck and hope they go too a good home:upyeah:
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  9. Good news on the 860 GT. It's been into Italia and they have replaced a tappet, and also replaced the speedo drive too. So all done, dusted and ready for action! :)
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  10. As mentioned, open to sensible offers as roof now on house, and windows / other elements looming. :sob:
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  11. Hi, any more pics of the MHR, im very interested
  12. D5AF9FC2-D4AC-49CF-9BB6-6D2AAE0E5325.jpeg 91EC4A2B-AB5B-403B-A069-08A2C62F437F.jpeg 9F592973-3B42-4D11-A54D-9C6ACE7283DB.jpeg CF3CED03-4C8A-4134-98DA-F023CEF0897D.jpeg 9B37F77E-5F34-4DCA-B4CE-8D8B38B9A442.jpeg 30D0DAE5-B4C7-45EC-B8EA-47541911764E.jpeg
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  13. Happy to talk offers.
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