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Featured 916 1994 916 Restoration

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Liam durrand, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone thought I would start my 916 restoration project thread off.
    So to begin it’s a 1994 916 Strada built in Varese after the fire in Bolonga so ether the holy grail or absolute heresy depending on who you ask.
    The bike is currently rough as a badgers tadger cosmetically and on 26k miles much higher mileage than I would like but for the price I paid it was an absolute steal for a 1994.
    The bike is complete baring an original cajiva stamped screen and original faring rivets which I have already sourced from a member on here. I have reams of paperwork including the original bill of sale and dealers acceptance paperwork.
    So the restoration is going to be a full back to frame job as the bike needs completely repainted frame, engine, fairings the lot.
    but it has been maintained faultlessly mechanically by the previous owner.
    I even managed to track down the original owner who was delighted to find out the bike was still around and was thrilled with my intention to restore her and he was kind enough you send me some photos of the bike from back when it was new including one of it as his Christmas tree lol.
    So I will keep this thread updated as I go.
    This is the current progress after a couple hours work with my brother tonight




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  2. Nice work.
    Now that's an Italian Xmas tree.
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  3. We love this sort of thing.
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  4. Nice. Look forward to seeing the progress :):upyeah:
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  6. I bet when you turn it on a fuse will blow out or bulb.;)
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  7. So made some decent progress today really hope to have the bike totally disassembled today but have given up for today after encountering the dreaded stuck swing arm bolt . The engine is ready to drop as soon as we can get the bolt out. Also finding more and more cajiva stamps as we go not sure what is unique to the 94 Strada and what’s on all of them




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  8. I managed to say today 3 times in one sentence it’s been a long today
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  9. You could have got a 4th in quite easily at the end :thinkingface:
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  10. you missed a couple Exi:D

    Anyway Liam, what’s happening today:)

    Love these threads:upyeah:
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