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1996 750 Monster Tuning?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Andii77, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Hi guys, is there any mods i can do to a stock 750 monster? not looking for huge gains just little tweaks, airbox/filter/gearing/dynojet etc.....thanks in advance
  2. Pretty much what you written mate, try and get a race exhaust system maybe.
  3. Racing cans made my 900 Monster much better low down the rev range, I didn't do anything else but dynojet kit would be better for the cans. The airbox would probably be improved by cutting a letterbox type slot in then top section but check other Monster owners first (it is good for ST's I believe which has a similar airbox)
  4. K&N air filter
    Open air box lid (cut the stock one)
    Dynojet Stage 2 jet kit
    Free flowing exhaust cans

    The stock headers whilst looking restrictive, are no too bad. While you’re fitting the jet kit, check the emulsion tubes too, as the needle slides up and down it can cause the tube to go oval and the mixture will be all to cock

    That should make it feel better. I’ve done a 900 and a 600, both perkier and nicer to ride afterwards
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  5. Thanks bud that's what i was looking for, she's done 19k miles, and from my initial reading i understand about the emulsion tubes, going to try a K&N first see if it breathes easier, it has a stock airfilter but seems like it's restrictive esp at idle, open it up and it's fine but idles like crap
  6. On the air filter, personally I wouldn't worry about the filter itself as I read a previous write up about the Supermono and ST4 air boxes where the stock air filter was as good as everything else it was the airbox that gave the restriction. Cutting the airbox lid is probably the best option, just how much to cut so the filter doesn't get soaked in the rain?
    K&N is just extra money albeit a respected product
  7. Check out Ducatisuite.
    Hopefully you can still find it.
    It was written by an American with a Monster and is full of hints and tips with illustrated instructions.
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