Featured For Sale 1998 916 Sps

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  1. Having been hugely time wasted, my SPS is back up for sale.

    It’s a 98 model and is simply stunning with 9600 miles, backed by MOT history. I’ve spent a lot of money and time on a sympathetic refresh recently with loads of new OEM bits and bobs. Has excellent service history, original books and service book.
    Originally registered new in the UK having been sold by Baines Racing, has just had a service and belts at Mototechnica along with full CO set and TB balance. Has both sets of pipes. Will also put 12months MOT.

    Original SPS plaque from the yoke was pinched so I’ve had a really nice reproduction one made. Has been fully verified by both Ducati bologna and also Ducati UK as the real deal.













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  2. Stunning bike.
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  3. Raffle tickets at say £50 a pop,and the winner takes the spoils:thinkingface:
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  4. Gorgeous!
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  5. GLWS (this time around). Great bike in a great condition.:upyeah:
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  6. No time wasters,thanks;)
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  7. There aren’t many things better looking in life. The 916 design is simply beautiful & that is a jaw dropping example. It might even be worth the divorce that would follow o_O
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  8. Thank you all the the kind words
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  9. GLWS.
    Certainly looks a lot cleaner than when I went to look at it last year in Crawley!
  10. Yep it’s like a different bike now!
  11. Beautiful, never had or ridden a 916 shape and if I had the dosh i'd be all over this, GLWS :upyeah:
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  12. Drool.... glws mate... it looks a peach...
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  13. Thanks, it sure is. I keep bouncing back to thinking should I let this one go or my 748r..
  14. Retain both bikes as long term always a healthy better option money wise etc,IMO:upyeah:
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  15. Yeh both sure fire investments. Not going to put too much effort in to selling it.
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  16. Is the LANCIA DELTA HF INTEGRALE 16V for sale?
    I assume it's a leftie?
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  17. It was, for a moment of madness but is no longer. Absolutely love that annoying wallet drainer! Yes it’s a LHD original evo2 Giallo Ginestra
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  18. Great bike, even better car!
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  19. Stunning bike Messer. It was your build that made me realise what I could do to mine. Hope my can come halfway near
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  20. Isn't that an ex-raced Swiss or French low powered version = I'll give you a bag of wotsits and half chewed curly-wurly as a favour?

    Seriously, stunning bike - wish I had the cash (I wouldn't even consider haggling!)
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