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Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by tyke65, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Picked up the new 1260S last Friday and thanks to the British weather i've only managed to get out for a couple of hours on Tuesday afternoon!
    50 miles over to Glossop, Castleton and back home but its already so much better than the GS Exclusive i had last year....anyway the obligatory photos are here....sorry no bins, maybe next time. Emi~05~03~19.JPG emi ~05.JPG
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  2. Nice! So is the stone wall!
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  3. Good stuff, when are you getting the full termi system?!?
  4. @tyke65
    Very nice. Noticed your Termi slip-on. I think that's all you need for a sport touring bike. Ducati's are loud off the showroom floor where earplugs should be included as OEM. The Termi should get you the tone but not the volume of a full system. On this note, have you noticed a big change in tone when you switched from the stock to the slip-on?
  5. What do you find the gs did better/worse and what do you feel the 1260 does better/worse in your short time of riding the 1260?
  6. I'm not dissing a full system but it's very loud. I have such on my Monster 1200R and you can take only so much volume even with earplugs. For long distance riding, quiet is more comfortable and better for your health. I now have Tinnitus as a result of the Monster and my previously loud Panigale even though I always wore plugs. Not fun and not curable.
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  7. Totally different class of bikes. GS is an Adventure whereas the Multi is a Sportbike for touring.
    You wouldn't take a GS to the track yet you easily could with a Multistrada.
    A better comparison would be a BMW S1000XR vs the Ducati 1260 Multistrada.
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  8. The slip on termi was put on before I picked it up, so no comparison to the standard can. I did have a full system on my old 12 plate Multi but didn’t want to go down that path again.
    As DarR states the GS is a totally different bike to the Multistrada, I have however owned a 15 plate XR before the GS. The XR was a great bike all round, superb slick gearbox with the quickshifter, in fact the best gearbox I have ever had on a bike. It was just one of those bikes that you had the urge to ride the balls off it all the time. Didn’t really notice the vibes through the bars everyone seem to moan about, just got on it and rode it
    It was a pig ugly bike though!
    Too early to compare it to the Multistrada yet, which I bought without a test ride, so I’ll have to get some miles done before I cast judgement.
    I’ve got the rad guards and a smattering of carbon to fit yet, so while it’s cold and pi##ing down I’ll be in the garage
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  9. It's a nice run over the snake pass to Glossop and back through Castleton ,Bamford and back. I often do that little run.
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  10. It is Steve and lucky for me it’s on my door step
  11. lot's of nice stone wall's up ere in the sticks :D
  12. @tike65
    Bit of the same here. Bought the Panigale on reviews alone. Leap of faith and loved it.
    While test riding a Monster, I inadvertently wacked the throttle in 2nd and looked at the sky.
    Gotto have one of these. Bought one a few months later.
    For the multi however, I literary had a few weeks of demo days in aggregate.
    I had a few warranty issues and my dealer just gave me a demo of my choice.
    I picked the Multistrada which I rode for a couple of weeks. This on top of my daily demo rides.
    It was a sale by attrition. Just loved the bike. Can't wait to ride the one I just purchased once the snow melts.
  13. I test rode an XR before settling on the 1200S - the XR rode nice and did everything great, nice popping on the over run and certainly quick. Got back to the dealer and he asked me / told me what I thought of it ..... "what ya think?" he said. "Great aren't they?! Pull away from 30mph in top gear"" he proudly stated. My reply - "yes, lovely bike, does everything well, maybe too well ..... i'll have to test ride a Multi before I decide".

    For me the XR was clinically good, but there was the problem; i found it very lacking in character and for me far too boring to actually buy. I have the same fear that the V4 Multi will be too sanitised and lacking in character aswell, time will tell I guess :)
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  14. Hello Tyke65 does the slip on give a deeper tone or not.
  15. If the V4 multi has the same character as the V4 Panigale, then we need have no fear - it sounds, feels and rides like a v-twin, just an incredibly smooth, linear and fast one.
  16. I totally get the reason for a Panigale V4: Horsepower.
    However, this 200+ HP V4 engine produces more or less the same torque as a 158 HP 1260 V2.
    Time will tell but it seems to me that a de-tuned V4 would produce significantly less of that lovable torque currently available with the current 1260 V2 engine.

    Moreover, Multistrada riders put more kms on their bikes than Panigale riders.
    Desmo valve service on a V4 will cost significantly more than the current V2.
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  17. This fact, is what's scaring me off the idea of a V4 muliti.
    Hell the multi is already the dearest bike around to service, could you imagine the cost of a major service with twice the amount of valves to check
    I'm interested to see how Ducati address this one huge issue when they put the V4 into a high mileage bike like the multi
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  18. Slip on was fitted from new when i picked it up, it was part of the deal i got with dealer, so no comparison really.
  19. My old 12 plate Multi and the XR

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