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200/60/17 Slick Tyres Suit 1098?

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Scott21, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. been given a couple of slicks from a friend but wondering if they would fit the 1098???

    Any benefit?
  2. You'll look way cooler.
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  3. Taller, more side grip, quicker steering than traditional 190 tyre IME
  4. Just trialed fitted and unfortunately there to big, rubbing on the swingarm at the front
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  5. Know this is an old thread but I`m doing a few track days on my 1098 and looking at getting some slicks. I`ve heard different things from different people... Some saying 200s being too big and rub, others saying 200s fit perfectly... Others saying they only rub at high speeds...

    What size were you trialling and got the rub!?!

    Presume 190 being the standard is fine, but I know slick sizes/profiles differ from the road stuff...

    Any and all thoughts welcome!
  6. 190 is the width, its the 55 versus 60( the aspect profile) that he is saying is too tall.
    i have seen people turn the chain adjuster all the way to the back of its arc to try to get clearance obviously you need a longer chain but dont have a lot of adjustment left and i dont know how successful this is... benefits for this would include a longer wheel base...if you look over history all ducati swing arms get longer as the bike gets more racier.
    Dont forget the tyre grows taller as you accelerate so the real way of getting a 60 profile to fit is to modify the swing arm as the shape of the front edge is wrong and doesn't mirror the curved shape of the top of the tyre. quite easy to do once you understand it.
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  7. heres a street fighter arm being cut for 200 60 tyre clearance

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  8. RS arm and all associate parts circa £3000-5000 second hand if you can find one
    street fighter arm modified... £500

    ideally both need a ttx as well for £1000, a rs rocker ratio and tie rod for £400
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  9. Riiighhtttt… So that`s a little more than I wanted to spend, but good to know there are options down the line! :joy:

    Without spending 000`s on the mods then, it sounds like the 200s are out which limits alot for slicks. Dunlop seem to come up in a 195/55 slick but anyone got any feedback on them? Failing that I think I`ll chuck some Bridgestone RS10 or Supercorsas on and be done with it. I`m not trying to win the trackday, just having some fun out there:grinning:
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  10. In my experience, the standard 190/50 (?) is about the safest maximum or there will be contact with the swing arm.
    Just get some Supercorsa SC’s and you’ll be fine
  11. Thread moved and title changed to suit
  12. A 200/55 won’t fit my 1098R without rubbing. I tracked the bike with a 190/55 and my favourite tyre was the Metzeler Racetech which although treaded (it’s got a few slash cuts) suited me. Andy
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  13. I have a metzeler 200 55 17 comp k slick that fits and performs well with no fitment issues at all. I did however previously install a 14t front sprocket and performed the rear brake caliper mod which moved the rear wheel back further.
  14. Skip the RS10 and go straight to the track only R11, great tyre.
  15. If you would like a 190 slick I can also tell you that this year you can also get it from Pirelli
  16. The Dunlop KR106 195/55 is the best slick you can get. :):upyeah:
  17. Better than a V02?
  18. Definitely. But there's a debate for costs. The V02 is significantly cheaper but not significantly inferior. Pays yer money and all that.

    I remember Simon Crafar addressing the really quick lads (not me, ha!) that were on V02's, advising them to switch to Dunlops as they were probably pushing the V02's envelope with their lap times... My logic with Dunlops is that they may paper over the cracks of my shitness that crops up from time to time with the odd corner here and there.... :laughing:

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