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For Sale 2002 Senna 900ss Supersport *reduced*

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Desmoquattro, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. I have been thinking long and hard about this, however I have decided to put the Senna up for sale. Please, if you are a genuinely interested party can you get in touch, as I would wish for it to go to a good home. Im listing on the Supersport pages and Ducati forums before fleabay.

    I have owned this for just under 2 years, having previously been owned by an enthusiast. I have tidied up a couple of things which I was not happy with.

    I have fitted a Power Commander as well as a couple of other wee things like aftermarket mirrors. There are a few age related marks but overall in above average condition for the year.

    It is one of the few Sennas (already a desireable model) that was half faired. As you can see it has the sought after braced swingarm, Ohlins shock and red Marchesini wheels.

    2002 registered 2008
    Less then 8k miles Odometer is in KMs and shows over 8k so I can give exact mileage, just not beside bike right now.
    Previous owner replaced many fixings for stainless
    I fitted R and G crash bungs as the mounts were already there.
    In above average condition
    Will have new belts and oil soon before sale.
    Could do with new tyres, not due to wear, but age.
    I have some original parts. Cans, front mudguard, seat plastics in great condition.
    Original mirrors scuffed
    Carbon Fibre front mudguard
    I do NOT have original grab rail and seat lock
    Fitted with K and N
    Open airbox lid
    Arrow cans (Pretty loud, sounds awesome)
    Power Commander running suitable map
    Runs, sounds and looks awesome.
    Some minor spares will be included in sale
    If I think of anything else I will add it in.
    Can add more pics soon

    Price now reduced to £3900 for forum, will be putting on ebay soon

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  2. Don't the swingarms sell for that on their own? :p
  3. Lol, I have seen one in the past year, up for near 1000 squid
  4. Whereabouts are you?
  5. Edinburgh Stox
  6. Did this sell?
  7. Let me know when it’s sold and I’ll close the thread
  8. Not sold @El Toro , but Ill do an up to date listing in Spring so this can perhaps be closed? Or I can add on here

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