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For Sale 2004 749r Breaking For Parts

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by stretta, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. My 749R has finally given up the ghost! Cracked engine case :(

    So - I'm going to break it and have pretty much everything available.

    The engine will be rebuilt in the next few months, in the meantime, I have the following:

    749R frame (2004) with V5 - £1000
    Subframe - £350
    749R tank and fuel pump - £750
    57mm Termignoni exhaust (banana style for black swingarm) - £1100
    749R numbered adjustable yokes (or triple clamps for our American friends) - £500
    Ohlins forks - £900
    Ohlins rear shock and flatter 749R rocker/ride height adjuster - £500
    BST carbon wheels - £1750
    Braking wavey front discs - £150
    Standard 749R carbon fairings (happy to split these if necessary) - best offer??
    DP Carbon front mudguard - £100
    DP Carbon long rear mudguard (with built in chainguard - has had a small repair) - SOLD
    Pro Twins taller race seat (one in its natural finish and one covered in a faux carbon vinyl) - £150 each
    Genuine 999RS rearsets - £500
    Later black swingarm (powder coated gloss black) - SOLD
    The elusive Gilles chain adjusters in black - SOLD

    JHP billet clutch cover and matching sprocket cover - £125
    Brembo forged race radial 19x18 brake master cylinder with folding lever - £180
    Brembo billet 16x18 clutch master cylinder - £275
    Wing mirrors - SOLD

    Also have all ancillary parts, bolts, cooling system, airbox/throttle bodies/injectors, headlight (powder coated black), battery box, wiring loom etc.

    Most things are in great condition, but might have small marks commensurate with age and use.

    If I'm way off on pricing, more than happy to talk, or if theres something in particular you need, PM me and I will get pictures if anyone is interested.

    Prices are plus postage and payment by Paypal friends/family, bank transfer, or you can collect from me in Swansea.

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  2. Do you have the ohlins steering damper?
  3. Yes I do - forgot to mention it! £275 complete with clamp.
    PM me if you're interested.
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  4. I’ll take the Gilles plz :)
  5. Got the mag headlight maybe ?
  6. Let me do some research and some pocket digging:D
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  7. The 749R didn't come with the magnesium headlight bucket ☹️
  8. I will get them off the swingarm and take some pictures tomorrow.
  9. Cool-many tanks!
    Also the jhp cover if you can please:)
  10. How about selling the whole bike to someone to rebuild?
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  11. Do you want to buy a genuine 2004 749R engine?
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  12. I had thought about it, but everyone wants a dirt cheap bargain when you're selling a non-runner.

    Too late now anyway, its in pieces :joy:
  13. Thanks for the offer, but I've already sourced a used set of 749R cases and will be having the engine rebuilt soon.
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  14. So why sell the bike as this makes No sense what's so ever or i'm missing the point again:confused:
  15. Stretta, sell the frame with the yokes and that suspension linear linkage.

    If it doesnt have the yokes and the numbered top plate it may as well be just another 749 frame for 300quid.

    The yokes and the linkage/ shock are what make the 749r frame what it is.
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  16. Thanks Chris but my 999 has its panels at the bodywork place and I pretty much just need to refit them to have it as was.
    Should be ready for me for the end of this week. :)
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