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For Sale 2004 Ducati 999s 25k Fsh 57mm Termi

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by DRR117, Jun 3, 2018.

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  1. I'm defecting to the dark side and just put a deposit on an Aprilia RSV4 so looking to sell my 999S.

    Full service history, MOT'd last week (29/05/18) almost new R10 tyres, new chain and sprocket, new pads, clutch and brake fluid. I've used the bike as a road bike and track bike only done 3 track days on it since owning it, the last one being Silverstone UK day.

    The bike has full xerox replica fairings (chinese) and the ordinal bodywork is wrapped in carbon. The genuine panels are a bit rough so we're sanded in patches prior to wrapping. It has a full and magnificent sounding 57mm Termignoni system deep sump engine, red frame black box swingarm, samco hoses, Venhill brake lines. Spent £1100 of a front and rear suspension overhaul in March including re-chroming the fork legs and converting to radial forks.

    I'll add some more pictures later today as I only have some older pics on my phone from a month or so ago

    Looking for £6000. And for the asking price I'm happy to through in all the sets of bodywork (xerox and carbon wrapped) and some track bodywork.

    Bike is in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

    Any questions feel free to drop me a message

    20180408_230652.jpg 20180408_230704.jpg 20180408_230710.jpg 20180408_232812.jpg 20180309_174906.jpg
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  2. Still for sale?
  3. Thread is nearly 2 years old, so probably unlikely but I guess no harm in asking.
  4. Sadly not no it sold a while ago now. Although I do still have the chinese xerox panels in the attic :)
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  5. Agreed just trying to see who’s selling as not much in eBay as I thinking people assume no one is buying
  6. Stick those on a new thread and I will close this one :)
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