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For Sale 2004 Ducati 999s Mono -reduced Price

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Fire3500, Jun 1, 2019.

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  1. REDUCED / PRE-HAGGLED - 2004 Ducati 999s Monoposto


    • Genuine monoposto, not a conversion
    • 16,500 miles (will increase if I ride it)
    • Servicing up to date (due annual 1 service in September 2019, full annual 2 inc fluids and belts and valve clearances done in late 2017)
    • Öhlins front and rear and Öhlins steering damper
    • Quick release filler (original sadly not available)
    • Rearsets (originals sadly not available)
    • Termi system (original exhaust included)
    • Double bubble screen (original screen included)
    • Oberon clutch slave cylinder (original not available)
    • NOS seat fitted end-2017 to replace aftermarket item
    • R&G tail tidy (original tail tidy included)
    • Recent Bridgestone Battlax S21 Pro front and rear
    • Carbon fibre front mudguard (original yellow item included)
    • Ducati Performance rear hugger
    • Ducati Performance mirror kit included (at asking price)
    • Constands centre stand included (at asking price)




    It rides spot-on and has been looked after meticulously and ridden sparingly but enjoyed. The bike was previously owned by another Ducati Forum member and he also invested a lot of time and love into the bike. I have used Italia Moto in Lincoln for maintenance, prior to that it was looked after by V-Duo, also in Lincoln.

    All keys etc with bike. V5 in my name etc.

    Again, it's not priced to be cheap or for a quick sale... it's a comparatively rare bike in excellent order and ready to be enjoyed as a ride, and maintained as an investment.


    Bike is available to view in Lincolnshire (LN7 postcode) and you can reach me by private message here. Happy to chat on the phone to interested folks. Bike might also put in an appearance at North Lincolnshire or East Yorkshire / North Yorkshire DOCGB meetings.
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  2. Nice bikes, GLWS.
    What’s replacing them?
  3. I’m on with a ‘75 860GT. Completely different animal but it’s a lovely thing.

    TBH neither of these are easy to let go of. I appreciate the kind words Paul.
  4. Like this one Ian:thinkingface:
  5. This is it... found it in California, lovely old thing. Another recommission rather than restoration. Should be a lovely thing to lollop along on.

    BF48B1F5-6708-431F-99EE-0CB23ED1B47F.jpeg 92972A51-22FB-4390-AE36-1A559FE53342.jpeg FB723572-2E75-48F2-B3AF-54AB690F12AA.jpeg A1B5C976-CC66-41DE-8E34-A80C24050F2A.jpeg 14956D83-499D-4C21-B41F-CD4190784CFE.jpeg

    The Pixar parking permit is a legacy of its last owner. He worked at Pixar as an animator / vfx / developer on movies from The original Luxo Jr film until Incredibles 2. Visiting his house in the Berkeley Hills and seeing all of the Pixar-related stuff in his home and garage was ace. My kids grew up on Pixar and this was a pretty special guy, who made a lot of the magic happen. Was a pleasure to have the chance to rehome his beloved Ducati here in the UK, and I don’t want to lose any of the patina of the bike. :)

    Anyway... bikes for sale, get ‘em while they’re hot! ;)
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  6. Nice replacement. I've been thinking a lot lately about replacing my 748, when I've finished restoring it, with an 851 or 888. The 748's not built for the rural roads around West Ireland, so if I'm going to have a bike that's going to spend most of its time in the garage or on show I might as well get something a little more vintage. When I want a blast I've always got the M1100S.
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  7. I must say, worth tackling the suspension. The 748 has a NOS Showa shock on the back and fully refurbished front forks and the ride is a lot more plush, compliant and civilised than my old 748S (which had the exact same components but not as well set up or prepared). When it's all working right and set up the 748 is an ace little back lane ripper! :)
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  8. Hmmm:thinkingface:. My 748BP has fully adjustable Showas front and the same as yours Showa rear, front have been overhauled as part of the restoration, rear is about to be started on. If I can find someone here in Ireland to help set it up (for a 6'2", 97Kg lazy oaf who won't move his arse out of the saddle) I'll maybe give it a go.

    ps. I still fancy an 851/888 though and can't justify both.
  9. 851 is worth it, 748 is a lovely lovely thing... really lovely. However, the 851 just feels lighter on its feet and a wee bit more race-like (although inexplicably very very comfortable - and I'm not really one that finds the 748 uncomfortable)... power-wise there's not a lot in it, the 851 has a bit more but not night and day. It's the look and feel of the 851 that makes it.
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  10. Will be on one or the other of them tonight at Squires if anyone fancies a nosy (and the weather plays nice).
  11. And you call me incorrigible!
  12. Hypocrisy... it's a thing. :p
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  13. Also considering to sell my Superlight...
  14. @XH558
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  15. It ain't the worst-looking example either...

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  16. A premium bike deserves a premium price tag if your selling yours :) and if your buying:(:confused:;)
  17. It's more importanter that they find good homes.
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  18. I must agree with your statement sir,as i would like my bikes to go to enthusiastic riders & not collectors:upyeah:
  19. That's exactly it. Someone that will ride and enjoy them and maintain them properly without cutting corners.
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  20. 748 has gone to a new owner, and 999s is reduced by £500.

    If you’ve been looking for an affordable 999s in the best colour and with fine provenance, this is it. :)
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